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What to look for

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Dancing shoes today are made from far better materials than only five years ago. Simple Fiberglass heels and tips have given way to secret "high-tech", high-density materials which offer superior sound and durability.

To keep things simple, we will provide a few tips on what to consider when shopping for a new shoe.

COST: Just about any shoe, good or bad, will cost you about $100.00 American. For the best of the best add $30 to an extra $100.00. You do get what you pay for. The differences in quality between manufacturers varies considerably. One of the best selling shoes in the world is also one of the worst in quality. But we will not mention any names! Do your homework and you will avoid making a poor selection.

Most manufacturers produce a good enough leather upper. (the soft part of the shoe from the sole up) But differences in hard materials vary greatly.

Toes & Heels
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