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The Brennan School of Irish Dance Technique Workshop.
Volumes 1, 2 & 3.

There are many instructional videos available to beginning and intermediate dancers but none focus on what we consider to be the most important aspect of authentic Irish Dancing. Technique. Presented by the Brennan School of Irish Dance these videos address just that and nothing else. These are not choreography videos. They are designed for at least experienced beginners, up to advanced, who already know some steps and are seeking to improve their skill and execution.

NOTE: These were originally filmed in our studio for our own students.

Volume 1. Technique Workshop.

Topics covered are


Exercises for developing Turn-out and Cross-up.
Ankle articulation
Strengthening the proper muscle groups

Doing Leaps, cuts and rocks properly; and Much more.

Illustrates improper techniques that can result in short and long term injury.

Positions and Posture.

Three basic positions. 1st. Weight evenly distributed.
2nd. Whole leg extended with no weight on front.
Third. Legs crossed and weight settled evenly.
Practice changing positions without shifting weight.


Releve. Distribute weight betwen ball of foot and toes evenly.
Jump switch from Third.
Toe circulations.


Toe walks flat.
Toe walks in third.
Rocking horses forward and backward.
1,2,3's on toes.
Discuss what it means to be on toes and "turend out".
Cuts executed properly.
Turns in place with proper ankle technique.
Jump 2,3's.
Side steps.

Hard Shoe Techniques.

Trebles: staying in third.
Batters in third with a twist.

North American Video Format. Apx 45 Minutes. 24.95 + 3.00 Standard Shipping.

Volume 2. Strap-eez Pointe Trainnig System.

Teaches everything you need to know to go on your toes safely using the revolutionary Strap-eez training device.

Explains that Irish shoes were never ment to go on pointe and what we have to do to make them safe.

Properly break in shoes.

Exercises to build muscle groups.

Proper placement and arch.

Demonstrates poorly broken in shoes and improper form which can result in injury.

Learn tricks & steps you would never be able to do safely without this training system.

Apx. 30 Min.

Volume 3. Hard -Shoe Tips & Tricks.

This video is just about Hard-shoes and the great steps we can do with them.

Some steps addressed are:

Front and back heel-clicks.

Double Back Clicks.

Front Clicks with a Cut.

Quadruplets (The rapid treble step that makes four sounds per beat. Popularized by Colin Dunn in his solo demonstration in "Celtic Feet".)

Drum Rolls Stationary and to the side.

Back double trebbles.

Cramp Rolls.

And More! Apx. 55 Minutes.