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Teacher Training & Certification

Dancers began getting up on their toes long before shoe makers began filing the toe taps to facilitate this. The problem is that neither the shoes nor the dancers were ever intended to do this.

Nearly 100% of all qualified Irish dance teachers are not trained or qualified to teach point work. None of the sanctioning Irish dance organizations provide training or testing of their qualified teachers. The result is a high injury rate among students who are encouraged or required to perform toe-stands and pointe.

Teachers who teach pointe without any form of training are susceptible to charges of gross negligence in the event that a student is injured. The IDRC certification program is designed to educate, train and qualify teachers to safely instruct and benefit form the qualification required to protect themselves.

Training & Testing

Pointe Training is a video, print and mentoring course of study and that provides a comprehensive curriculum for teachers to use in training students. Teachers must demonstrate an ability to execute and teach the material competently and identify and correct potential hazards in student technique.

Testing is both written and practical. Video materials consist of the following.

Brennan School of Irish Dance Technique Workshop Volume 1 2 & 3.

"The Pointe Book" by Janice Barringer & Sarah Schlesinger.

Other printed materials are provided by the IRDC on registration.

For more information please contact the IRDC for enrollment availability.

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