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Product of the Year! Strap-Eez

Pointe Support & Training System With Video

Strap-Eze are designed to break in hard shoes properly by allowing the sole to flex and soften only where it should while preserving the support area under the metatarsals.

Most dancers bend twist and stretch new shoes in order to break them enough to go on pointe. The problem is that this also softens the entire sole leaving no support where it is needed. A broken-in pair of shoes may work well for a few hours before the soles become soft and 'mushy'. Suddenly you cant go on point anymore. That is because the process of breaking them in did not involve strengthening the foot to support point. And you trashed the supporting sole. Once the hard sole gives in, the dancer becomes "slouchy and unbalanced on point.

Strap-Eez are both a break-in device and a training system, they also preserve shoe life by maintaining rigidity of the sole.

Modern Hard-shoes are now built with steel shanks to support the arch but still neglect to support the "ball of the foot", which bares the weight of the body during pointe.

Strap-Eez support the metatarsals on point thereby taking pressure off the toes and encouraging the muscles to strengthen.

Strap-Eez fit over the lover part of the shoe between the toe and the laces.(just behind the toe tap) NOTE: Production models do not have Buckles. These light weight "invisable models" attach via heavy duty velcro. Decorative Lace Buckles can still be worn with Strap-eez.

"I do a step during my reel where I Jump three feet in the air, tuck my legs under an land dead on Pointe with a bang, then jump again switching feet to jump for two more beats,(on pointe) switching back for two more, and finally land on the balls of the feet. It is my signature step and a real show-stopper. The problem is that it blows out new shoes in days. I invented Strap-Eez to make the shoes last longer and help ensure I stay safe during rehearsals. I wear them all the time now and save hundreds every month.
Kenn Brennan. Legacy Irish Dance Company.

Strap-eez come complete with an instructional video for proper use and development of technique! for strengthening excercises to tone and train dancers. Video is NTSC only.

$24.00. + $4.00 Shipping.