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Student Hard & Soft-Shoes

Steprite Shoes are great for Beginner and Intermediate Dancers.

Durability: Steprite shoes are well built, durable and long lasting. They are usually outgrown before being worn out. They are often usually re-sold second-hand to younger students.

Affordability: Steprite Shoes offer quality equal to or better than other shoes in their class at a considerably lower price. Since students outgrow shoes so fast it is not worth spending a lot of money on shoes. At least until they stop growing.

NOTE: We recommend these shoes for beginner to intermediate students or casual dancers. Advanced dancers and serious competitors should consider more advanced models like the higher-end Halmor & Hullachan.


Steprite Hard-Shoes have durable leather soles and uppers. Hard plastic heels and Solid fiberglass toe-taps. A great shoe at a low price.


Steprite soft shoes have solid leather uppers and applied leather soles. elastic side lacing loops provide a snug fit without added discomfort. A very nice, and affordable, student shoe.

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