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Steprite Hard Shoes. Beginners only.

Steprite represent the least expensive option for beginner through internediate hard-shoes. The Steprite heels and upper are similar to the Halmor standard. The toe is rock solid, again nearly identical to the Halmor.

The only areas where the Steprite falls short of the Halmor is in the sole stiching. On the Halmor(as for all brands)the stitching is recessed to allow ample wear before the stitching becomes exposed to the floor.

Unfortunately, the Steprite sole stitching is exposed entirely allowing for quick wear and possible detachment of the sole. However, seeing as the soles are reinforced with glue, they rarely detach from the shoe with regular beginner use. In fact, most Steprite shoes have at least two owners before they are completely worn through.

For less than $100.00 the Steprite is a good enough shoe for beginners but if you can get the Halmor standard for the same price than go with that. In all, Both the Halmor and Steprite shoes represent an old, out-of-date design that is not the best investment for any dancer (beginner or not)who can afford to pay a bit more for a quality shoe, like the Halmor XXX. p>

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