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Specialty & Safety Shoes

We tested all brands of “Safety” shoes with various bells and whistles. None showed any marked improvements in design that would prevent short or long term injury. Irish dance shoes (Hard and Soft)are just poorly designed. Short of abandoning them altogether and starting over, this will never really change. Most shoes rate about the same when it comes to injury. Following our safe lacing guide will make any shoe fit and feel better while reducing the possibility injury.

What to Avoid

Avoid shoes which cost considerably more than average. Chances are you can get the same quality for much less. Expect to pay around $150.00 for a good Expert grade shoe.

Manufacturers are coming out with all kinds of bells and whistles which serve no real purpose. Avoid shoes with no ankle straps. Wrapping laces around the ankle is just an accident waiting to happen. (see our “proper lacing” guide)