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Tips on buying Soft-Shoes

The good news is that the same sizing and fitting rules that apply to Hard Shoes also apply to Soft Shoes. The only real exception is the Hullachan Pro which does not need to be tight to fit well. You must use Hullachan fitting standards when buying Hullachan shoes! There are three kinds of Soft Shoe sole.

Standard: Thick solid Leather for beginners.

Flexi & Super Flexi: A thinner full leather sole for beginners and intermediates. These are easier to break-in.

Split-Sole: for advanced dancers or smart beginners. These fit best and are very east to break in. They also look better than full sole models. Split-Sole means that there is only sole-leather on the toe pad and heel. There is no solid outer sole in between. Just the thin upper material.

See SHOE SOLES for additional information. Generally, the softer the leather, the better the overall fit. It used to be that most brands were about equal in quality but the newer Hi-Tech models vary in price and so we can no longer generalize information about Soft-Shoes.

On the higher end of quality and price are Halmors new Super Flexi split soles and the Hullachan Pro.

TIPS. Soft-shoes can hurt as much as Hard shoes if not broken-in properly. Before you dance in them, wear them around the house for a few days to stretch them out. If they still cause blistering saturate them with leather softening fluid (available at shoe repair shops) Wear them wet and allow them to dry on the foot.

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