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Rutherford Hard-Shoes. (Intermediate)

Rutherford shoes offer a good upper, a new variety of sole options and a good fit.

We tested the "Light Sole Flexi Jig Shoe" with the Rounded toe option. This shoe comes complete with Rutherford HyTech heels and tips which have long been our favorite when it comes to sound.

Rutherford now offers the option of having the toe tips filed to help with toe stands.

Another new development is an optional "Sanded Glass" tip which Rutherford claims has superior grip than the old models. We have not tested that yet.

This model has the "platinum" suede soles which are bonded and stitched for added durability. A big leap forward in shoe design which we have been pushing for years. Not all "Hi-Tech" brands stitch their soles and it is usually their undoing.

Rutherford Flexi Irish Dance Shoes are good choice for adult and experienced younger dancers. The tips are very thick and the heels are wide for easier clicking. Great for women with medium to wide feet and fit men and boys very well.

Durability has always been good with Rutherford shoes. The new suede soles are easy to break-in and are very long wearing.

One of the best features is the price you pay for all these features. Rutherford tends to run about $30 less than competitive bbrands with les features.

The new line of Rutherford shoes is exciting and greatly improved.

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