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“The worlds best Irish Soft Shoe!”

“The shoe that fits like a glove”!

Hullachan insists that their shoes are so dramatically different from, and superior to, other dance shoes that there is no basis by which to compare them. After testing this shoe, we agree."
From our review of the original HPRO.

The release of the original HPro revolutionized the Irish dance shoe industry. With a focus on safety and common sense the HPro led the way for other refinements in shoe design. Not to be outdone by competitors, Hullachan followed that design with the new HPro 2 which is just a revolutionary as its predecessor.

At first glance the Hpro2 looks like any other Ghillie. On closer inspection there are three noticeable improvements.

The first is the use of elastic around the sides which keep the shoe in place and prevent “slouching” when the foot is flexed. (See picture) This is just a very nice improvement which adds to Hullachans’ “fit like a glove” design.

The second feature is the upper padding in the toe which reduces stress on top of the lower foot and toes. Again a simple idea which makes you wonder why no one else thought of it before.

The third feature is one that represents a departure in Irish dance and dance shoes. Within the toe is a “box” which adds support to the foot during rocks and whenever the foot is flexed or under pressure.

It is surprisingly comfortable and adds a nice line to the foot. Some shoes look a bit sloppy around the toe.

There is a fourth feature not so easily noted. The front sole of this shoe differs from others completely by removing a major design flaw suffered by every shoe made before now, including the original HPro.

Traditionally, the rounded front of a Ghillie, like a ballet flat, is formed by gathering the material and pleating it underneath the shoe causing a turbulent area right under ball of the foot. In Irish shoes this is made worse by a mid seam running down the length of the sole and terminating at the gathered edge. This creates a kidney-bean sized lump right in a very sensitive part of the foot. After wearing my Hpros a few weeks, this lump became such a problem I stopped wearing them altogether. Still, they were no worse than other shoes, but it was a disappointment.

Not a problem with the HPro2. The gathered pleat and mid seam are gone making for a flat low-pressure sole with a nicely padded insole. When reviewing the original HPro I remember wondering what improvements we would see in future models. The Hpro2 Yields some excellent surprises.

A major dissapointment I thought would have been corrected in this updated model was the lack of stitching on the sole pads. I had to re-glue them many times during testing. I could not understand how such a well thought design could overlook this obvious flaw twice. As usual we have discussed it with Hullachan and they are looking into it.

There is one note of serious concern we had from HPro customers and our testers.
Because the shoe has a sort of “Box” in the toe which resembles that found in Hard-shoes it is apparent that many dancers are using this shoe to go on full Pointe.

Our readers have inquired as to whether this “box” really works. Again, it is not supposed to “work” in the sense that you should be able to go on point with it.

Our own testers found themselves trying to roll up to high or get on point, despite themselves. With very bad results. Kids Don’t try this at home!

What Im about to say may sound like repetitive posturing but if I could have everything I wanted in a Ghillie. The HPro has nearly everything covered, and some things I didn’t even know I needed.

Once again; Very nice Job Hullachan.


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