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Friendship Feis

The Friendship Feis is the only truly open and unbiased Irish Dance competition platform.

“Open platform” means that students of any Irish dancing school, regardless of their organizational affiliations, may participate in a Feis as long as they are familiar with the requirements of the platform and abide by the rules. Whereas, events held by membership oriented dancing organizations are exclusive and can carry penalties for students of “foreign” organizations.

The Friendship Feis platform is free for any school to use. Event organizers may register their feis to have feis results recorded for future Friendship Feis events. Friendship Feis competitions are adjudicated by an equal panel of teachers who represent each school involved. Scores are averaged and proctored to ensure fairness. For this reason, Friendship Feis is the only competition platform that is truly unbiased.

Download Materials

Competitor Guidebook | Teacher/Penelist Guidebook