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Vegeta Saga

Several years passed since Goku fought Piccolo, now Goku has a kid, they go to a reunion at Roshi's place, Goku has to pick his kid up from a tree branch on a cliff, then they ride the nimbus to Roshi's place, Bulma comes in, and she has a new haircut. They talk about the years. Meanwhile, a spaceship lands on earth, the Saiyan Raditz quickly dispose the human with the shot gun. He looks for a high power level, he finds Piccolo mistaking him for Goku. Piccolo uses a energy move but has no effect, he then was about to kill Piccolo, but let him live, because he found Kakarot, he comes to where Goku is, and tells Goku of his Saiyan heritage, but Goku says he won't do it. Raditz then steals Gohan, Goku's kid, and tells Goku that he has to kill 100 people, and bring there dead bodies to him, or Gohan gets it. Piccolo then comes, Goku joins him in fighting Raditz. Later on in the battle, Gohan pops out of Raditz spaceship(where he was kept, since he won't shut mouth) with unbelievable hidden powers, and injures his uncle Raditz. Goku then sacrifices himself to kill his brother, Piccolo uses Makkankoupossa, and kills both of them. Piccolo talks to Raditz and finds out that 2 Saiyan warriors even stronger than Raditz is, are coming to earth in one year. Piccolo then takes Gohan in for special training under his watch.

Meanwhile, Goku is running to King Ki's place for special training, and finds out he has a long way to go. Tien, Chau su, Yamcha, and Krillin are in Kame's place for special training, and finds out about the room of spirit and time. Goku finally makes it to King Ki's place and finds out that King Ki's a nut, the gravity there is ten time as strong as earth's, and Goku learns more about his heritage, he learns Kaioken, which is a temp. rush of power, and the spirit bomb there, which is gathering energy from people to create a powerful energy ball . After one year, Gohan turns into a warrior, the Saiyans land, and blows up an entire city. Vegeta and Nappa then goes to the warriors, they fight, and Yamcha dies, then Chau su, then Tien. Gohan was about to die, but then Piccolo sacrificed himself for Gohan, rembering memories about the little kid. Gohan then gets really pissed and makes a powerful energy ball, but wasn't enough, Gohan then get wasted, ti'll Goku comes, and beats the crap out of Nappa, Vegeta then fights Goku, the fight was to Vegeta's advantage, even the Kaioken attack won't work, so Goku tries a Kaioken time 3, and beats the crap out of Vegeta, Vegeta gets really pissed and shoots a Gallic gun, Goku immediately counters it with a Kameameah to save the planet, he finds he need to go to Kaioken times 4, and does, Vegeta gets blown really high in the air, and was as pissed as he can be. He then tells Goku about his father, and the moon light invention, and turns into the Saiyans true power, a giant oozaru, which looks like werewolf, but I don't know how his armor grow with him, Vegeta is now about 200 meters tall, Goku gets the crap beaten out him, Gohan and Krillin confronts Vegeta, and while that is happening, Yajorobe cuts off Vegeta's tail, Vegeta gets even more pissed, and beats everybody up, Gohan later regrows his tail and Goku tells him to look at the light, he does, and turns into an oozaru. He beats up Vegeta, but gets his tail cut off, but lands on Vegeta which almost killed him. Vegeta then gets away, because Goku tells Krillin not to kill him, because he admires his super strength.

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