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Vegeta: Probably the second strongest, he's a Saiyan, a lot of energy moves and attacks. Used to be a bad guy t'ill he came to earth to fight Goku, and admiring his strength, he then went to Namek, where he went on the Z fighters side, although he still wants to beat Goku, but that never happened. He's the Saiyan Prince of all Saiyans, and had a very high power level when he was young, and always dreamed that he would reach Super Saiyan level, which he did with the help of Bulma and Dr. Briefs. Sticks to himself most of the time, he's a proud warrior, and kind of grouchy. He later on reached Super Saiyan level 4 with the help of Bulma's brute ray, but can't turn Super Saiyan by himself.

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