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Hey, this is where i put my updates, i think i started just a little late ^_^


YEAH! This is my very first update(way late!)^_^ I added the link to the Gohan images, and the Goten images, I made this, and i cleared some space on my account thing. I also added 6 images of goten ^_^ I added the Trunks image section, with 6 Trunks images, and i also added 1 Gohan image! I'm so P.O.ed becaause angelfire is putting up pop-up banners on my site now, taht sux, but who cares!? I added My banners, so can you please support me by putting one of them on my site? Thanx (^_^) Also, i finished the season 1 descriptions and am starting on season 2!


I finished the Episode Descriptions through season 2. I will add season 3 as soon as possible.


I Added ALL MY GOHAN IMAGES! umm, ill do the Gif's as soon as possible!


I went to, and got me a fast url! al you have to type in for my url is HTTP:// Try it out! Oh, BTW, I will change the backround sound whenever possible! It will be Different all the time!


I added a new guestbook, hella lot better, sign it if you haven't already please! I also changed the bacround sound to Head Cha La, the theme song from the Cantonese version of DBZ!


I got a new Guestbook, for some reasone the other one wasnt werking correctly, dunno why, ut anywayz, make sure to sign the new one!