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Season 1 Ep. 1-9

Ep1 - The Arrival of Raditz

Born long ago of a primeval force on a faraway planet, the Saiyans developed into a warrior race so devastating and relentless that their own planet did not survive their centuries of destruction. Now, one of them is coming to earth to find his younger brother Goku! The mighty Saiyan warrior Raditz arrives on Earth searching for his brother Goku, who was sent to Earth as a baby with a mission to destroy all traces of human life on Earth. However, Goku received a blow to his head upon his earthly arrival, causing him to forget his mission of destruction. Goku has instead become earth's most powerful defender. When Raditz arrives, he tells Goku to destroy 100 earthlings by the next morning or Goku's son Gohan will be killed. After Goku refuses his request, Raditz kidnaps Gohan.

Ep2 - The World's Strongest Team

Goku is baffled about what to do until his arch enemy, Piccolo, appears. Piccolo joins forces with Goku to battle against the Saiyan's threat to Earth. Both use every technique they possess against Raditz, but discover there is no power on Earth capable of stopping Raditz.

Ep3 - Gohan's Hidden Powers

When Raditz has almost finished Goku, his power sensor goes off. Gohan has broken free of the space capsule in which Raditz had imprisoned him. In a remarkable burst of power against Raditz, Gohan's Saiyan blood shows through.

Ep4 - Gohan's Hidden Powers

Raditz is weakened by Gohan's burst, allowing Goku to grab Raditz in a bear hug. Piccolo summons an extra powerful screw blast to finish off Raditz, but his attack also ends Goku's life. Before Raditz dies, he tells Piccolo that two other Saiyans who have even greater power are heading for Earth and will arrive within the year! While Piccolo trains Gohan, Goku travels through the other world to visit Martial Arts Master King Kai to get superior training from him in preparation for the coming battle against the Saiyans!

Ep5 - Gohan's Metamorphosis

Piccolo takes Gohan to a deserted wasteland to train him to utilize his incredible power. Gohan is left alone to survive for six months, while Piccolo watches over him from afar. On the night of the first full moon, Piccolo witnesses an incredible transformation as Gohan becomes a gigantic ape!

Ep6 - Gohan Makes a Friend

Gohan gradually gets used to living in the wasteland, even though he misses his parents. One day, he helps an injured dinosaur and the two become friends. Later, Gohan's new friend is attacked by another evil dinosaur! See if Gohan can save his new friend!

Ep7 - Trouble on Arlia

The evil Saiyan warriors, Vegeta and Nappa, are getting closer to earth, eager to gather the seven Dragon Balls and realize their wish for immortality. On the way to earth, the two warriors decide to stop by Planet Arlia to have some fun. Watch out because fun to a Saiyan warrior means destruction!

Ep8 - Home for Infinite Losers

Goku has fallen off Snake Way into the land of no return. There, two ogres give Goku a test; they promise that they will show him the way back to Snake Way if he wins a competition against them.

Ep9 - Princess Snake's Hospitality

A selected group of warriors have gathered at the top of Korin Tower. There they will undergo the special training that will prepare them for the Saiyans. Meanwhile, Goku reaches the end of Snake Way only to fall into the treacherous hands of the beautiful Snake Princess. ©FUNimation Inc. with MINOR changes by Me

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