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Goku: He is the most powerful character, he's also a Saiyan, he's a nice man with a good spirit and likes to share his thoughts with other people, and likes to fight. He has two sons which are Gohan and Goten, and his wife is ChiChi. He was sent to earth to destroy it, by looking at a full moon(with a tail) and turning into a giant were-monkey(oozaru), instead he was found by a human called Gohan, and was adopted by him when he landed on earth in his spaceship when he was only a baby, he has incredible strength for a baby, later on he squashed his Grandpa, since he looked at the full moon. Goku was a very naughty boy, until the day he hit his head on a canyon when his Grandpa Gohan dropped him, which made him forget about the mission stuff. He's also the first to reach Super Saiyan level as a normal Saiyan, SS3, SS4.