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Gohan: He is either 2nd or 3rd strongest, and has the potential to be the strongest, and has his father's personality. He is son of Goku and ChiChi. When he was young his mother felt very strongly about him studying and made him study almost all the time, until Goku died in the Cell saga. Gohan went to Orange Star High School, he has a little brother named Goten which he trained. Gohan later on found out his school was full of gangs, and decided to terminate them by disgusing himself as the Great Saiyan Man, and turning Super Saiyan. Later on Videl found out his identity, and blackmailed him to go on to a date with her, later on they discovered they like to be together, and ChiChi also wants him to marry her, so he did, and they had a daughter named Pan. He can reach Super Saiyan level 2, but I'm not sure if he can turn Super Saiyan in GT, since some Kaio guy got him to do some spirit and meditating stuff, but now I know he can.