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Cell Game

Vegeta trains in 300x Gravity, Yamcha sometimes sneak in, and tries, but falls on his ass. Piccolo also trains with Goku, and Gohan. 3 years have passed, and Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo fly towards Bulma on a mountain, they see Bulma has a baby, and Bulma asks Goku, if he can guess who's the father, Goku says Vegeta, Bulma is surprised, then Tien and Yamcha spot the androids, even though they can't feel the Ki of them, the androids presents themselves, #19, and #20. Bulma recognizes #20 as Dr. Gero, Goku then fights #19, he surprise the androids by turning super saiyan, Goku kicks the shit out of #19, but seems to be getting tired, #19 is now beating up Goku, then comes Vegeta, and he turns Super Saiyan! everyone is shocked.

Vegeta beats up #19 and kills him. Dr. Gero is surprised that his androids were defeated so easily, and flees, but the gang chases after him. Dr. Gero pops up and tries to suck Piccolo's energy, but Piccolo fends him off, then Piccolo fight Dr. Gero and is beating the crap out of him, Dr. Gero flies toward his secret lab in a cave, Trunks come, and joins the gang in chasing after Dr. Gero. Dr. Gero arrives at his cave, and releases #16, #17, and #18, but the androids gone out of control, and kills Dr. Gero. Vegeta arrives, Trunks dosen't want Vegeta to fight the androids, but Vegeta does it anyways. Meanwhile Goku is resting at Roshi's house. It turns out that Dr. Gero was part of the Red Ribbon army and is back for revenge. The androids suddenly take off in search of the their mission which is to kill Goku. The gang follows the androids, they fight Vegeta gets seriouly banged up by #18, but is saved by senzu beans. The androids fly toward where Goku is. The gang suddenly feel an awesomne power appeared. Trunks looks for it, it appears to be in capsule corp., it turns out in Trunks Time machine that he left 1 year before the Freeza saga was there, and there was an egg, and out pops a monster. The monster tells his name, Cell. It flies off, saying that its looking for #16, #17, and #18.

Piccolo confronts Kame and asks him to merge with him, they do, everybody can feel Piccolo's immense power, Piccolo flies off to fight Cell, Cell tells Piccolo about being perfect Cell, and how he has get the androids. Cell is surprised by Piccolo's power and is beaten up, Cell realizes he can't defeat Piccolo right now, so he runs off, but first solar flares Piccolo. Gohan comes and the two starts looking for Cell, they see a lot of people unconscious, they meet Cell again, except this time Cell is much stronger and it's an even fight, but later Cell finds the location of the androids, and flies off again, Piccolo chases after him. Meanwhile Goku is better and looks for Gohan. Bulma is aware of the news about Cell, and prepares a device to destroy the androids, before Cell can get them to become Perfect Cell, Krillin gets the task to do it. Piccolo lands on an island, and finds Cell confronting the androids, #17 is fighting Cell, but is sucked in to Cells body from Cell's tail. Now Cell is much stronger, Piccolo prepares to fight, and is almost killed. Krillin unfortunately dosen't destroy the androids remebering the kiss that #18 gave him. #16 confronts Cell. Goku with Gohan are at Karins tower, Goku teleports to where Piccolo is and saves him. They all train in the room of spirit and time, since in there 1 year equals a day in normal time. #16 is matching up against Cell but is sucked in. Gohan finally goes Super Saiyan. And Vegeta and Trunks and Goku go into an almost Super Saiyan 2 mode. Vegeta fights Cell before he could get #18. Vegeta seems to be beating the crap out of Cell. Cell asks if he can become perfect since he isn't much of a challenge right now, Trunks objects to it, but Vegeta is to arrogant for that, and lets Cell become perfect.

Vegeta now gets the crap beaten out of him, so does Krillin after finding out Destruto Discs dosen't work. Cell decides to hold a Tenkkaki-Boudakki, everyone is surprised, the gang meets the Afro guy mr. Satan. The gang flies toward the Stadium where the contest is held. Cell is looking forward in fighting the warriors. after awhile the Stadium is trashed, and the people who are watching flee. Goku and the gang fights Cell, but no matter what they do Cell comes back, Cell is pretty beaten up though, but is still at full strengh, Goku self-destructs himself to kill Cell along with him, but Cells cell survive and he is reformed. Everyone is shocked that Goku is gone again. Gohan get really pissed and powers up into Super Saiyan 2, which shocks everyone. Gohan kicks Cell's ass, and finally kills him with a Kameahmeah. ChiChi is crying that Goku dies again, and haves another kid named Goten. Krillin marries #18. Mr. Satan claims all the credit. Vegeta is training to become stronger. Trunks returns home

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