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Buu Saga

It's been several years since the Cell game, ChiChi has a new son who's 6 years old named Goten. Gohan is now in Orange Star High School, and has a girlfriend named Videl. Goku is granted one day on earth, he hangs out with the gang when they discover a plan to unleash Boo.

Meanwhile Piccolo is training Goten and Trunks to become Gotenks, Boo turns everybody into cookies and eat them (not really, but make it interesting). Bulma gathers all the DragonBalls and wish back all the people that Vegeta killed. Gotenks fight Boo and seems to be winning, but inexperience gets Gotenks sucked up, so Boo becomes even more powerful. Goku is on Kaioshin's planet and gets a pair of fusion earing, and gets permission to come back to Earth, Vegeta later on also gets permission to return to Earth to save the Earth. Goku throws an earing to Gohan, but he drops it. Vegeta comes suddenly and picks it up. They become Vegetto, Vegetto beats the crap out of Boo, gets sucked in on purpose to free his friends, but the Fusion wears off. Goku creates a Spirit Bomb, getting a lot of energy, kills Boo. That marks the end of DragonBall Z.

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