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Attack List

First of all to explain what Ki means, it means the energy of an object, how much power it has, the energy can be transfered into energy rays, of different shapes, the power of it depends of the user's Ki since that is where the energy comes from. There are many different Ki attacks, and different uses as well, here is a list of some of them, and what there used for, and used them in DragonBall/Z/GT.

Attack List

Bakuhatsuha: Raising two fingers your index and middle, this move created a huge circular explosion which demolishes a wide area, like a city, can also be used to destroy planets. Who uses it: Nappa, Vegeta.

Bakurikimaha: An extremely powerful Ki attack using one hand to shoot it and the other for support. Who uses it: Piccolo Daimo.

Barrier: This is a defensive attack, the person uses their Ki to create a energy sphere around them, and it deflects the opponents fireballs. Who uses it: Android #17, Cell, Freeza, Vegetto.

Big Bang Attack: This is an incredibly powerful attack, the person holds one palm forward with there thumb crossed out on the palm, and shoots a huge Ki blast. Who uses it: Vegeta.

Body Change: Font color=black>This is a body change technique, used by Ginyu, in the Freeza saga, he spreads his limbs, and yells out Change, and shoots a blast whatever this blast hits, it will change bodies with him. Who uses it: Captain Ginyu.

Bukujutsu: Using your Ki to fly. Who uses it: Everyone except for: Satan, and other humans.

Burning Attack: This is a powerful attack, you first do a series of arm movements, around 6 times, then you quickly make a triangle with your index, and thumbs, you yell out something, and you fire a round Ki blast. Who uses it: Trunks.

Chou Kame Hame Ha: It's like the super kameameah, kind of like the Kameameah X10, in GT. Gokou uses it first while facing Piccolo in volume 16. Who uses it: Goku.

Chobakuretsumaha: You power up the blast from your palms in from of your chest, and release the blast. Who uses it: Goku, Piccolo.

Chonoryoku: A technique which you use both hands to control your opponents movement, and also hurt him, if he's not too strong that is. Who uses it: Chauzu.

Crasher Ball: It's a Ki blast produced from the palm of your hand, Jeeize's ultimate attack. Who uses it: Jeeize.

Daichiretsuzan: Using two fingers extended it creates a thin cutting beam, that goes far. Who uses it: Freeza.

Death Ball: It's a small ball of energy you create, from the point of your finger, but don't be fooled, the person can make it as large as they want. Who uses it: Freeza.

Demon Flash: A powerful cannon fires it from under your wrist. Double Tsuihikidan: Shoots a Kamehameha from both hands, and can be guided to follow the opponent. Who uses it: Krillin.

Dynamite Kick: A charging kick. Who uses it: Gotenks, Satan.

Energy Kyushu: This technique absorbs people's energy from red balls in the person's palms. Who uses it: Android #19, and Android #20.

Eraser Cannon: This is a Ki blast used by Recoome, it is shot from the mouth, and creates a huge explosion, that is very destrutive. Who uses it: Recoome.

Eye Beam: This is just basically a laser shot from your eyes. Who use it: Android #20, Freeza, Piccolo.

Freeza Beam: A straight Ki Blast shot from your finger. Who uses it: Freeza, Cell.

Fusion: This technique is used to form 1 person out of two, to become more than twice as strong as the two people's powerlevels. This technique only stays for 30 minutes though Who uses it: Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo.

Fusenko: You use your breath to puff yourself up to slow your fall Who uses it: Krillin.

Galactica Donut: This is a ring of Ki, used by Gotenks to trap the opponent with the ring, since he can control the size in diameter of the ring, to tighten the limbs of the opponent. Who uses it: Gotenks.

Galick-Gun: You power up the blast like a Kamehameha, you hold it and release it from the palms of you hand. Who uses it: Gotenks, Vegeta.

Gekitotsu Buu Buu Volleyball: After trapping someone with Renzoku Super Donuts, you beat the ball around a bit before spiking it really hard into the earth. Who uses it: Gotenks, Piccolo.

Genki Dama: A reallly large ball gathered by throwing your hand outward, and saying give me strength, and all the energy comes from nature, and all other living things. Who uses it: Goku.

Haikyuken: You treat your opponent like a volleyball and hit them around volleyball style. Who uses it: Tien.

Hankokubikkurisho: You shoot a Ki blast with both hands, and it creates a force around the opponent so they can't escape. Who uses it: Master Roshi.

Haretsu no Maho: A magic spell used to make people explode. Who uses it: Babidi.

Honoo: A Ki blast shot from the mouth except you power up, and shake your head to do it. Who uses it: Dabura.

Kaioken: This is a Power-Up move used by Goku, he stands in a power gathering stance, and yell out Kaioken, and can say if it's mutiplied or not you increase the power, he flares red, and increase his abilities. Who uses it: Goku.

Kakusandan: You shoot Ki blasts from both of your hands, you control them so they merge together, and split them again, to make a rain of Ki blasts. Who uses it: Krillin.

Kakusanyudokodan: You fire a lot of Ki bolts, so that they surround the opponent and they all attack at the same time. Who uses it: Piccolo.

Kamehameha: This is a powerful Ki blast that a lot of people uses in mostly Z, and also GT, since Goku uses it a lot. You power it up like you would with a Hadoken, and then you fire it with both hands, and you can control the direction of fireball. Who uses it: Goku, Cell, Gohan, Goten, Krillin, Majin Buu, Master Roshi, Tien, Yamcha.

Kiai: You yell out something, and it disperses the weaker Ki blasts. Who uses it: Tien.

Kiaiho: An invisible force, that pushes the opponent back, used by an open palm or your eyes. Who uses it: Goku.

Kienzan (Destructo Disc): This is flat disc, that can almost cut through anything, and has good accuracy. Who uses it: Android #18, Cell, Freeza, Krillin, Vegeta.

Kikoho: You put the tips of your fingers of both hands together, forming kind of an "O" between his fingers and his thumbs. Then you shoot a very powerful Ki blast through the "O" at his opponent. Who uses it: Cell, Tien.

Ki No Tsurugi: This is a Ki beam used by the extension of you hand, and you shoot it, and it can be directed to stab of cut the opponenet. Who uses it: Vegetto.

Kyodaika: You buff up into a really muscular guy, and it makes your attacks much more stronger,and effective. Who uses it: Piccolo.

Kyoken: You act like really fierce, and charge at him, and kick him from behind. Who uses it: Goku.

Makankosappo: A powerful Ki blast shot from two fingers, one blast surronds the other for drilling power. Who uses it: Piccolo, Cell.

Makosen: It gathers Ki into both of your arms, then fires a blast from each one after the other. Who uses it: Kamesininn, Piccolo Daimo.

Masenko: You power it up above your head, and make triangle and fire it. Who uses it: Gohan, Goten, Trunks.

Mystic Attack: Using the Namek ability to extend your arm, you attack the opponent by surprise. Who uses it: Piccolo, Piccolo Daimo.

Papparapar: This is a magic spell used to teleport people in Babidi's spaceship. Who uses it: Babidi.

Rogafufuken: This is a series of punches, with claw like style, and ends of with a double claw punch. Who uses it: Yamcha.

Rolling Satan Punch: Satan curls up into a ball, rolls along the ground, then punches his opponent. Who uses it: Satan.

Renzoku Energy Dan: This is great attack shot from both of your hand you move one back and the other forward, and do this repeaditly to shoot a rain of fireballs, like a machine gun. Who uses it: Goku, Gohan, Gotenks, Piccolo, Vegeta.

Renzoku Shine: This is Gotenks style of the Renzoku Energy Dan technique. Who uses it: Gotenks.

Recoome Kick: A charging knee blow. Who uses it: Recoome.

Recoome Mahha Attack: A charging punch. Who uses it: Recoome.

Saiko No Kogeki: A Ki blast that is shot out of the mouth. Who uses it: Nappa.

Saimin Nno Jutsu: Hyptonization technique. Who uses it: Master Roshi.

Saruken: a distract and avoid technique. Who uses it: Goku.

Satan Super Duper Ultra Mega and etc... Punch: Just a normal punch. Who uses it: Satan.

Sekikatsuba: The person's saliva will turn whatever it hits to stone. Who uses it: Dabura.

Shishin No Ken: This technique is used to split a person into four different parts. Each person can attack but with a quarter of the full person's strength. Who uses it: Krillin, Tien.

Shiyoken: It sprouts out an extra set of arms from the shoulders. Who uses it: Tien.

Shogekiha: Is an invisible blast shot from the eyes or hand. Who uses it: Kaioshen, Majin Buu, Piccolo.

Shunkanido: The person put two fingers on their head searching for a Ki they want to go to, and teleports there. Who uses it: Goku, Cell.

Sokidan: A round energy ball shot from your palms. Who uses it: Yamcha.

Suiken: The person acts drunk and wobbles around. Thereby, he confuses his opponent, and hits them when they are off guard. Who uses it: Master Roshi.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: It shoots out a ghost like clone, which attacks the enemy by hitting them, and making a big explosion. Who uses it: Gotenks.

Taiyoken: The person put their hands in front of their face, and yells it out, and creates a really bright light, which makes the opponent can't see for awhile. Who uses it: Tien, Krillin, Goku, Cell.

Time Freeze: An attack that freezes the opponent in motion, but the user has to hold his breath. Who uses it: Guldo.

Tsuihidan: It is a Ki blast, and it tracks its enemy. Who uses it: Piccolo.

Udebunrikogeki: The user peels off a part of his body, and controls it to attack it's opponent in some way. Who uses it: Majin Buu.

Yoikominminken: It is a hypnosis technique used to put people into a deep sleep, by using a strange voice and hand motions. Who uses it: Master Roshi.

Zanzoken: The user can move so fast he leaves an after-image, while attacking from another standpoint. Who uses it: Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien.