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Frieza Saga

After the battle with Vegeta and Nappa, The gang discovers that there are DragonBalls on the planet Namek, thanks to Krillin(Kuririn, Klylin) recalling that statement from Vegeta saying that Namek was the place where the DragonBalls were first created. So Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan(gets a cutout kind of hair)went off to Namek using Kame's spaceship that he came to Earth in, after a little remodeling done by doctor Briefs(Bulma's father). Bulma gets pissed at Krillin and Gohan for bringing so much stuff. They run into all sorts of trouble like almost getting stuck on a planet, running into some aliens with illusionary powers, but manage to get Namek in good time, once they land they find out that there not the only aliens on the planet, Vegeta is there too, it turns out Vegeta gets revived, and is stronger than ever, then they find out that the most powerful being in the universe was on the planet too, Freeza! Bulma thinks they should go, while they still have the chance, but Gohan, and Krillin are determined to help their friends. Then there spaceship gets destroyed by 2 of Freeza's Henchmen, but are easily assimilated by Gohan and Krillin. They find out Goku is coming soon. They find a hiding spot, they run into all sorts of trouble, like getting chased by Dodoria a big fat alien(strong though) Almost losing the DragonBalls thanks to Bulma, and finding themselves between a battle between Vegeta, and Zarbon, blue alien with pretty face, who can turn into a transformed mode, turning into a buffer and scarier looking guy.

Gohan and Krillin later on gets a powerup from Saichoro the elderest Namek, but even with the powerup they are no match for the evil Ginew force,5 powerful beings, but are stupid dumbass guys, Gohan and Krillin teams up with Vegeta, but are wasted, then Goku comes after they get beaten up, he brings Senzu beans gives one to Vegeta. Goku then fights Ginew, Ginew knows Goku is too strong for him, so he shoots a ray, and switchs bodies with Goku, Goku get beaten up, but then tricks Ginew to shooting another Ray and switching bodies again, but this time Goku gets his own body back, and Ginew ends up being a frog.

Goku then is in a rejuvenation tank, while Gohan, and the others take the DragonBalls and make their wish to Porunga(Namek Dragon) first they wish that Piccolo was back, then wishes him here, they were about to wish Vegeta immortality, when suddenly are interrupted by Freeza, Piccolo merges with Nail, and beats the shit out of Freeza, then Freeza turns to mode 2, but still is an even fight. Then Freeza turns to mode 3 and beats up everybody, and kills Vegeta for menturing to Goku, about the Super Saiyan thing, since Freeza was always scared, and feared that it was true. Then Goku comes and fights Freeza, and kind of gets beaten up, then he create a Denki-Dama(Spirit Bomb). Freeza gets hit, and is badly hit, then he kills Krillin for that, and Goku get really pissed, and turns into a Super Saiyan, and beats the shit out of Freeza, Freeza then turns into mode 4, but Goku is still kicking his ass, so he selfdestructs planet in 5 minutes, He uses some Destruto Discs to try and kill Goku, but gets cut trying, Goku then flies to Freeza's ship and tries to start it, but couldn't get it to start. Namek blows up.

Meanwhile on earth the Nameks are wished back and Krillin is wished back too, and they also wished for New Namek. A bit later on, Gohan is doing his homework, when suddenly Krillin calls him, it seems that a ship is coming, they quickly fly toward where it is, and so does everybody else, including Vegeta who was surprisingly also wished back. The situation looks grim, when they find out Freeza is repaired(looks like a cyborg), and his dad, King Cold are both here, there about to fight when suddenly a teen shows up with purple hair and carrying a sword on the back, he quickly beats up Freeza's men, suddenly with out any warning he turns into a Super Saiyan, everybody is shocked, he chops Freeza into pieces and blows the pieces up so he may not be revived again, then he kills King Cold(quite a bloody part). The teen tells the gang that his name is Trunks, and is looking for Goku. Then a spacepod drops like a bomb toward where everybody is standing, they run, then out comes Goku, Trunks comes up and asks if it's Goku, but first Vegeta wants to talk to Trunks about his Super Saiyan ability, and saying that Trunks is not a true Saiyan, for his hair is purple. Goku then talks to Trunks and Trunks tells and warns Goku about the future and warns Goku of the Androids. Goku is surprised that that would happen but believes Trunks they go on about it, and Trunks warns Goku about him having a heart attack, when fighting the Androids, and about everybody killed, except for him. Goku is shocked, but Trunks relieves, Goku asks who Trunks really is, and finds out Trunks is Vegeta's son. Then Trunks leaves in his spacepod, and everyone asks how Goku escaped, it seems Goku escaped by getting into a spacepod right before the explosion and is blown out safely, but having a detour meeting some aliens and learning some special skills, like instant teleportation, everybody is surprised, then Goku demonstrates by disspearing and coming back with Roshi's glasses. Then Goku tells them about how in 3 years what will happen, they decide to prepare for it, and train. Vegeta asks Dr. Briefs to build a machine like he builded for Goku. Meanwhile Goku, and Gohan train in the forest.