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Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corp.
Crew: 8 crew, 43 troops, 10 passengers (standard config).
Length: 150 meters
Speed: 16 mglt
Fighter Complement: None
Weapons: 6 turbolaser batteries.
Shield Rating: 400 SBD
Hull Rating: 188 RU 
The Corellian Corvette is one of the oldest ships still in use by the Alliance. Based on old Republic models, they have been since modified and upgraded for use as couriers and escort craft. Although not large enough to fend off any Imperial ships, they are quite effective at protecting convoys from fighter attacks and raiders. When used in numbers, they can easily overpower and surround a larger ship due to their speed and relative maneuverability.
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corp.
Crew: 45 Gunners, 10 passengers (standard config).
Length: 120 meters
Speed: 22mglt
Fighter Complement: None
Weapons: 8 Double Turbolaser batteries, 6 Quad Laser Cannons, 4 warhead launchers
Shield Rating: 450 SBD
Hull Rating: 215 RU 
The Corellian Gunship is a cousin to the Corellian Corvette.  Unlike other Corellian designs which tend to be suited towards a variety of missions, the Corerllian Gunship is geared entirely towards combat.  Its primary function is to engage opposeing fighter craft, useing its 6 Quad Lasers with 360 degree fire arcs in concert with its incredible speed and manuverablity these ships can do tremendous damage to an fighter group they engage.  For its size and speed there is no better anti-starfighter platform then a Corellian Gunship
Class: Corellian Frigate
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corp.
Crew: 586 crew, 100 troops, 60 Gunners (standard config).
Length: 350 meters
Speed: 15 mglt
Fighter Complement: None
Weapons: 14 Turbolaser batteries,  20 Laser Cannons, Gravity Well Projector
Shield Rating: 600 SBD
Hull Rating: 230 RU 
A precursor to the Corellian Gunship the CC-7700 Frigate still remains a key part of the New Republic millitary. Its size and speed combined with its weaponry make it an ideal picket and point ship, but its greatest feature is the Gravity Well Projectors these ships support.  That feature alone makes them invaluable to the New Republic Millitary.
Class: Corellian Frigate
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corp.
Crew: 745 crew, 120 troops (standard config).
Length: 550 meters
Speed: 20 mglt
Fighter Complement: 2 Squadrons
Weapons: 30 Turbolaser batteries, 20 Laser Cannons, 10 Warhead Launchers
Shield Rating: 1050 SBD
Hull Rating: 788 RU 
The CC-9600 Frigate is the next generation in Corellian Engineering.  Utilizeing the latest in technologys these ships are designed to replace the ageing Corellian Corvettes and the CC-7700's.  Faster, with better armaments, stronger sheilds and a fighter complement these ships are capable of performing a numerous ammount of tasks.  The only reason these ships have not yet completely phased the CC-7700's out of service is due to the fact that they do not support Gravity Well Projectors.
Class: Arrow Class Escort Carrier
Manufacturer: Alliance Engineering Corp.
Crew: 300 crew, 50 troops, 72 Pilots (standard config).
Length: 250 meters
Speed: 12 mglt
Fighter Complement: 6 Squadrons
Weapons: 30 Laser Batteries.
Shield Rating: 200 SBD
Hull Rating: 188 RU 
The Arrow class escort carrier, is the starfighter transport of choice.  Used to position fighters anywhere within the galaxy within a moments notice, this ship can move to safe location and launch its fighters to support a force in need or send them on raids.  The ship its self is slow, lightly armed and not capable of defending its self against other vessles, such an attack on the carrier typically results in a total failure of what ever mission the fighter craft might be embarked upon.  Ships of this class are also positioned with large fleets to bring additional fighter support into the fray.
Class: Assault Frigate
Manufacturer: Alliance Engineering Corp.
Crew: 4882 crew  100 troops, 118 Gunners (standard config).
Length: 700 meters
Speed: 18 mglt
Fighter Complement: None
Weapons: 15 Turbolaser batteries, 15 Laser Cannons, 20 Quad Laser Cannons
Shield Rating: 1700 SBD
Hull Rating: 1400 RU 
The Technician's working for the Rebel Alliance were famous for refiting starships to make them suit there purposes, all though many people cannot tell, Assault Frigates are actually modified Imperial Dreadnoughts.  When the Rebellion was in full swing they recived many Imperial Dreadnoughts either as donations from system defense fleets or through capture.  The problem the Alliance faced was they simply did not have the man power to support the 16,000+ men crew the Dreadnoughts requierd.  Not wanting to put starships to waste a massive refit was undertaken and the Assault Frigate was the resault, cutting down the supperstructure and eleminateing all unessecary systems and spaces, the brilliant engeneers managed to cut crew requiermtns down to 1/4th of what the Dreadnoughts requierd.
Class: MC-90 Heavy Cruiser
Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards.
Crew: 5.860 crew, 1700 troops, 605 Gunners (standard config).
Length: 1255 meters
Speed: 19 mglt
Fighter Complement: 6 Squadrons
Weapons: 75 Turbolaser Batteries,30 Ion Cannon Batteries,6 Tractor Beam projectors, 6 Warhead Launchers
Shield Rating: 3200 SBD(also has a back up sheild generator, capable of an additional 1200 SBD)
Hull Rating: 2800 RU 
The Mon Calamari have tirelessly produced capital ships, first for the Rebel Alliance and now for the New Republic.  The MC-90 is there latest acheivment and contribution to the New Republics millitary might.  Second only to the Home 1 cruiser in armaments, the MC-90 has proven its self to be more then a match for Imperial Class Star Destroyers.  Carrying a larger fighter complement then there Imperial counterparts, these ships have performed well in combat and are certain to phase out the older model Mon Cal cruisers in the years to come.
Class: Escort Frigate 
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Crew: 920 crew, and up to 340 troops.
Length: 400 meters
Speed: 12 mglt
Shield Rating: 2560 SBD
Hull Rating: 1520 RU 
Fighter Complement: 2 squadrons
Weapons: 12 turbolasers, 12 laser cannons, 1 warhead launcher.
When designed the Nebulon-B was one of the most powerful mid-size vessels in the galaxy. Their awkward appearance belies their thick armor and concentrated firepower. 18 turbolaser batteries vaporize any smaller ships and do a great deal of damage to larger capital vessels. In addition, the two fighter squadrons normally carried provide additional firepower. The Nebulon-B frigates were once the vessel of choice for protecting Imperial convoys. Since that time they have been gradually phased out in favour of the newer and faster Lancer class vessels. Apparently some of the crews on board these ships have turned traitor and defected to the Alliance taking their Nebulon-Bs with them. The New Republic has made good use of these mid-sized capital ships. Several have even been modified to serve as medical frigates. Their heavy armament and defenses make them ideally suited for the task of protecting and transporting the wounded.
Class: Light Cruiser
Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards
Crew: 5,156 crew, 213 gunners, 670 troops.
Length: 1,200 meters
Speed: 13 mglt
Shield Rating: 3000 SBD
Hull Rating: 2050 RU 
Fighter Complement: 3 squadrons
Weapons: 29 turbolasers, 36 ion cannons, 2 warhead launcher, 6 tractor beams.
The Mon Calamari Light cruiser represents the first contribution of the Mon Calamari to the fleets of the Rebel Alliance. These ships were once huge spaceliners, among the finest in the galacy. After Mon Calamari was taken over and occupied by Rebel forces the Mon Calamari quickly converted all of their old starliners into warships. Since then these cruisers have become the backbone of the New Republic fleet. Even though they were once passenger liners, the New Republic has turned them into impressive and intimidating warships. The 28 turbolasers they carry and 3 squadrons of fighters certainly would make smaller vessels think twice before attacking. The converted Mon Calamari cruisers gave the Rebels something they had previously lacked, large capital warships.
Class: Heavy Attack Cruiser
Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards
Crew: 5,402 crew, 200 gunners, 1,200 troops.
Length: 1,200 meters.
Speed: 10 mglt
Shield Rating: 3840 SBD
Hull Rating:2128 RU 
Fighter Complement: 4 sqaudrons.
Weapons: 48 turbolasers, 20 ion cannons, 6 warhead launchers.
By far, the MC-80 class cruisers represent the largest threat the New Republic has ever created to the Imperial Navy. The New Republic, and their aquatic, friends the Mon Calamari have constructed these powerful warships. Nearly the size of a Star Destroyer they are heavily shielded, armed and even carry 4 squadrons of starfighters. The MC-80 is also among the fastest of all capital ships and is capable of outrunning even a Star Destroyer. It is currently unknown how many of these behemoths the Rebels have manufactured. To date, a total of 11 such vessels have been seen in battle, but it would appear that the Rebels are conserving these ships for some sort of massive operation. Despite their size and power they are still no match for the dreaded Imperial Navy.
Class: Battleship/Command ship
Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards
Crew: 12,402 crew, 341 gunners, 4,500 troops.
Length: 3,100 meters.
Speed: 8 mglt
Shield Rating: 6300 SBD
Hull Rating: 3157 RU 
Fighter Complement: 10 squadrons
Weapons: 74 turbolasers, 38 ion cannons, 8 warhead launchers.
This mammoth vessel is among the largest warship in the New Republic fleet. At over 3 km in length, it is many times more massive than even the huge Mon Calamari cruisers. Home 1 serves as a mobile command base for the New Republic, and forms the nucleus of the growing New Republic fleet. With its large number of turbolasers and 10 fighter squadrons. unfortunately Home 1 would be virtually impossible for the New Republic to replace if lost in combat, thus the New Republic prudently keep the location of this ship a secret and Home 1 rarely ever engages in combat.