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Before bringing a Boa or Python into your home, make sure yu have the the space to house the snake when it is fully grown; your tiny newborn will quickley outgrow your 10gal. tank. Remember, a snake will not stop growing because it's home is samll(it's growth may be stunted, but it will not stop alltogether). Plann ahead to have plenty of room for the snake to be comfortanle in and for you to be able to propelry maintain it. The room that will house the snake should be compleatky "snake proof" so in the event that it gets out, it willat least remain in the room. Also be sure the room has a lock on it; this is also a good way to keep kids, visitor, and other pets away from the snake when your not around.

Tank Security

Security is important. Boas and Pythons will explore every inch of thier new home, and will find a way, if all the proper measures are not taken. A rock, book, or board on top of the lid is not good enough. A sliding or hinged door with a lock will be the best protection against escapes. The enclosure can be made of wood, glass, plexiglass, or any combination of the these. Some people incorporate the finished enclosure into a piece of furniture, such as under a glass coffee table, makes for good conversation! Be creative, but keep the snakes best intrest in mind.


Substrate (bedding) material should be something easy to work with, Like ReptiBark, or ReptiBed. These work well and look nice to. Pine shavings or mulch will also do just fine.

The substrate should be changed at least every two weeks and can be cleaned by sprayed with a hose and then wiped out and let dry in the sun. Keep it outside all day to remove oders and germs.


Because Boas and Pyhons are coold-blooded, thire cage should contain a heat source hat brings the temperature to between 84 and 95 degrees. Placing a thermometer in or on the the cage is strongley recommended so that the temp. can be monitored. If you have a room specially for snakes, you can get a seprate thermostat to keep the room the appropate temp. It may get hot and uncomfortabal to work in though. Heat sources should be limited to one side of the tank to allow the snake an opportunity to cool down if it wishes. There are several options for heating your cage. Strips of electrical heat tapeplaced on the outside-bottom of the cage; electrically heated rocks (heat-rocks); incandescent light bulbs, which not only offer heat, but will give good lighting in the cage. You can also find Night Bulbs to use at night, this will offer heat and will help the snake get it's "photoperoid" as well. Heating pads placed under the cage at one end will also offer a good sourse of heat and will lower the chances of the snake getting burned. You must use caution with electrical heating devises and water, I/You would hate for your snake to get thirsty and get fried upon it's drinking! Light bulbs warm the air around the snake, this warms the whole snake, instead of just part of it's body. Make sure if you use heatlights, that you keep it out of reach of your can easily burn itself looking for a way out.


A hidebox is essential for any snake. Boas and Pythons will make use of it all the time. Some of these large snake have even been known to pull it's prey into there hiding spot to eat. The hidebox can be made of almost anything, but keep in mind that you will want easy access to your snake if needed, so keep it basic.

Rocks And Branches

Placing a rock or branch in the cage is a good idea. This will provide a rough surface for the snake to help it's shedding prosses. A branch will allow your snake to climb, and most Boas and Pythons are seim-arobial, so they may not climb often, but will have the option if they wish. Be sure to clean it good when you clean the rest of the cage. IF you obtain the branch from outside, you must sanatize it before use. You can do this be PreHeating your over to 250 and then putting the branch in it for about 10-15 minutes.


Water should always be present in the snake cage. The bowl used should belareg enough for the snake fit it's whole body into. When you fill it, make sure it is not too full, if it is, the snake will get in, and water will spill out. Half-Full seems to work the best. Change the water every other day, to ensure cleanleness. Also, make sure the water dish cannot be over turned. For small snakes, do not fill the dish, small snakes may drown if there is too much.


As for lighting, Full Spectrum lighting is best. These lights can be bought in pet stores, and are not too expensive. Boas or Pythons do not need full spectrum lighting, but it may benefit from it, especially if it is a part of a breeding set. Also, Incandesent Lights will work too, these will also offer heat. Do not use regular house light, they will give off radition. Do not use them.

Size Of The Cage

Boas and Pythons grow quickly. And BIG. A 10gal. will work for a baby, but not for long. As a general rule, the snake should have enough room to strech out it's full length if it wishes. If there is'nt enough room, the snakes growth may be stunted, and not grow as fast.