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Our Philosophy

We introduce ourselves as young entrepreneurs working with all kinds of computer related programs with a special inclination towards the most up to date information technology, including their preservation onto CD ROM and DVD (Digital Versatile Disk).

A preliminary inquiry revealed a horrific story of the prevailing system of archiving the most important documents of our contemporary history, even by the most prestigious National newspapers. We are sure you know better than anyone else, how important the editorials, special news write-ups including politics, economics, social, as well as the cultural life of the nation, will become the most important sources of information in the coming years. These will be needed not only by your editorial staff, but also by any other research personnel in any of their chosen fields in this country as well as abroad.

Moreover, we have planned to preserve all kinds of valuable Manuscripts and Historical Documents  in many other sectors of national importance to provide future researchers the ability to obtain information.

A digital library offers users the prospect of accessing electronic resources at their convenience. Users do not have to be concerned with the physical library’s hours of operation, not to mention the lengths one must go through in order to finally obtain the desired information as is even the case with the vulnerable microfiche archive library system widely used today. Our technique of archiving and cataloging allows the User to access his required Data via almost any search criteria he chooses, through any modern computer system - instantaneously.  


The Daily Newspaper Images

Ancient Manuscripts

Network Accessible Digital Library Easy Article Cataloging






Business Communication Resources




BCR-BD is the master unit of the organization. It also monitors and controls the performance of other units.

BCR-BD is also involved in providing sales, service & support maintenance and value-added-resellers.

BCR-BD has a sister, concern each operating system as an independent business unit, yet strive to serve  our              customers with the commitment of total, integrated group. Actively involved in the field of networking & utilizing Tele-communication systems we have a permanent contact with BDCOM Limited to provide a dialup system for the major business service booth in Dhaka City.

Online E-mail Connection.

E-mail to Fax Connectivity.

Free Fax Facility.

We are one of the major distributor for the world wide Faxway System USA.

Software Solution


Our Software programmer has designed, developed and marketed for:


Shipping Lines.

Garment Industries.


Web Designing.



High-End Solution

We provide turnkey solution for:

High-end Graphic System.

Professional Drum Scanning.

Image Setter Solution.

Digital Photography Equipment and Lighting.

Computerization & Office Automation.

Windows NT.

Linux System.

Logical System Diagram.



DocumentaTM Ltd.

We are the first digital archiving sector in the growing IT market in Bangladesh. Our motive is to preserve newspaper publications, historical documents & manuscripts to provide future researchers the ability to obtain information on our national history. This process of maintaining a digital library was first introduced for the congressmen in the USA (Congressmen Library).

   The digital library offers users the prospect of access to electronic resources at their convenience, both temporally and spatially. Users do not have to be concerned with the physical library's hours of operation, and users do not have to physically go to the library to access resources.