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Human Resources

The key element that have contributed to our progress is our support and development staff. Behind each of our product and services stands a team of dedicated, energetic and efficient personal.

By giving our employees freedom to create, opportunities to excel and recognition for their contributions and informal environment that inspires trust and respect, we have created a team that can be their best and provide the highest in performance. The executives gain not only satisfaction, but also the chance to achieve their maximum potential. This in turn translates into services and products that real value for our customers.

It is our belief, that to provide an acceptable level of hardware or software support, one is required to have proficient, experienced and capable staff in each of the required fields. As such we have 8 (Eight) full time professionals, 5 (Five) full time software developer and 3 (three) part time programmers working to meet our client's requirements at all time.

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