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Hey that first pic there is of Me(kevin). It was taken in broad daylight..and look how it turned out..weird huh. that picture is about a year old, but b/c its weird, i keep it up there. But if you want to see what i look like also, just look through the links down there. Thank you drive thru. But hey i'm kevin and i am 16.I live in Arkansas. and Give me an Instant Message sometime. i'm on-line sometimes as Crash00311
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Places to see, People to do

A really cool site. a must see
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International Luv Truck
My Internet Friends
My Friend David
Sara Beth
NEWEST Pictures of me (7-25-2k)
Pictures of my friends (3-12-2k)
More pictures of me (3-12-2k)
Pictures Of Stuff, (3-12-2k)
Some Drawings I drew
More Of me (4-22-2k)
My Friend Amanda G
More of My Friends.
NEWEST Pictures (7-25-2k)
Me when I was really little