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Pathophysiology - Reading List:

All of the readings are from Scientific American.

Lecture Article Title Issue

Week 1 Evolution and the Origins of Disease Nov. 1998

Week 2 Making Gene Therapy Work June 1997

Week 3 The Neurobiology of Depression Sept. 1998

Week 4 The Search for Blood Substitutes Feb. 1998

Week 5 Defibrillation: The Spark of Life June 1998

Week 6 Immunotherapy for Cocaine Addiction Feb. 1997

Improving HIV Therapy Oct. 1998

Disarming Flu Viruses Jan. 1999

Week 7 Discovering Genes for New Medicines March 1997

The Challenge of Antibiotic Resistance March 1998

Week 8 Designer Estrogens Oct. 1998

Combating Prostate Cancer Dec. 1998


* All articles are on reserve in the library.