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Spring 2000

Instructors: Dr. Nancy Tress and Deborah Kojsza

Telephone: Dr. Tress:

777-6206 (office) (e-mail)

643-1532 (home)

Mrs. Kojsza:

777-6255 (office)

221-4505 (home)

Class time: Lecture

F 9:30-11:30

Office Hours: F 8:30-10:30

Textbook: Pharmacology for Nursing Care. 3rd Edition. Richard A. Lehne

Lab Text: Student Handbook

Goals & Objectives:

This course is designed primarily as a support course for the nursing major. class will focus on the principles and application of pharmacology to a career in nursing. The course will be team taught and be separated into theory and nursing application.

The specific goals of this course are as follows:


Attendance in class is mandatory. No make-up exams will be given. No late assignments will be accepted for any reason.


Four exams will be given during the semester. Each exam will consist of essay questions, short answer questions, problem solving questions and multiple choice questions.


Grading Criteria: Final Grade:

Exam I 125 points 540-600 A

Exam II 125 points 480-539 B

Final Exam 150 points 420-479 C

Quizzes 100 points 360-419 D

Lab 100 points 0-359 F

Total 600 points


** Carlow College makes every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Questions about services and procedures for students with disabilities should be directed to Andrea Beranek in Grace Library, room 434 or at 412-578-6136. **
















Tentative Schedule:

Date Chapter Material

1-14 1-4 Introduction

1-21 5-8 Basic Principles

1-28 13-17 PNS: Cholinergic Drugs Quiz 1

2-4 18-20 PNS: Adrenergic Drugs

2-11 21-24 CNS: Neurologic Drugs Exam 1


2-18 25-28 CNS: Analgesics & Anesthetics

2-25 40-44 Cardiovascular Drugs Quiz 2

    1. No Class - Spring Break

3-10 45-49 Cardiovascular Drugs

3-17 50-52 Drugs that Affect the Blood Exam 2

3-24 53-56 Endocrine Drugs

3-31 57-61 Endocrine Drugs Quiz 3

4-7 62-68 Anti-inflammatory/Immunologic Drugs

4-14 69-70 Respiratory Tract Drugs Quiz 4

4-22 71-73 Gastrointestinal Drugs

4-28 Final Exam