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Chapter 4: Lipids

Properties of Lipids

Fatty acid structure

Saturated fatty acids

Monounsaturated fatty acids

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Chain length of fatty acids

Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids -Omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid)

Omega-6 fatty acid


Benefits of Eiosanoids

Eiosanoids have different effects

Signs and symptoms of essential fatty acids deficiency



Functions of lipids


Functions of Phospholipids





Function of cholesterol

Transportation of fat in the bloodstream

Transportation of digested fat

Transportation of synthesized fat

Scavenger pathway

Atherosclerosis--hardening of the arteries (Fig.4-14)

High density lipoprotein (HDL)

Benefits of (a high) HDL (level)



Health dangers of excessive trans fatty acid

Minimize intake of trans fatty acid

American Heart Associationís Recommendations

The National Cholesterol Education Program

Reduce fat labels

< 3 gm of fat/serving

> 25% less fat than reference food

< 0.5 gm of fat/serving

"Fat Free" = "All You Can Eat"?

Fat substitutes

Uses for fat substitutes