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Environmental Health

Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Environmental Health

  1. What determines Health?
    1. Hereditary factors
    1. Medical Care
    1. Technology advances
    2. Medical self-help
    1. Lifestyle
    1. Environment
    1. Environmental health practices

Water quality management Human waste disposal

Rodent control Insect control

Milk sanitation Food quality management

Air pollution control Water pollution control

Recreational sanitation Land use management

Occupational health practice Radiological health control

Environmental safety/accident prevention

Product safety/consumer protection

  1. Disease in the Human Population
    1. Requirements for growth of microorganisms
    1. Oxygen supply
    1. Optimal temperature
    1. Food
    1. Moisture
    1. Optimal pH
    1. Favorable osmotic pressure
    1. Absence of toxic materials
    1. Space
    1. Controlling Microbial Growth
    1. Optimal Growth Curve
    1. Causative agents of disease
    1. Biological agents of disease
    1. Chemical agents of disease
    1. Physical agents of disease
    1. Too little of something
    1. Too much of something
    1. Heredity
    1. Stress
    1. Unknown origin of disease
  1. Human defense against disease
    1. First line of defense Environmental management
    2. Second line of defense Adaptation
    1. Third line of defense Defense mechanisms
    1. Fourth line of defense Curative medicine
  1. Portals of entry of microorganisms
    1. Skin
    2. Reproductive organs
    3. Respiratory tract
    4. Digestive tract