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Global Warming

  1. The Greenhouse Effect
    1. Atmosphere as a greenhouse
    1. Carbon Dioxide Fluctuations
    1. Climate triggers
    1. Albedo and temperature regulation
    1. Ocean circulation
    1. Judging temperature changes
    1. weather and climate are chaotic
    2. temperatures are higher now than any time in the last 1000 years
    3. Temperatures have appeared to increase sharply over the last 100 years
  1. Human action and climate change
    1. Air pollution
    1. Variation in temperature
    1. Hypotheses
    1. Earth has been in a state of natural cooling and that has masked the temperature increase
    2. Volcanic eruptions help reduce global temperatures
    3. Another pollutant is cooling the planet
  1. Effects of and increase in temperature of 2.5 oC
    1. Agricultural
    1. Distribution of species
    2. Erratic climates
    3. Changes in sea level
  1. What should we do about Global Warming?
    1. Carbon sequestration
    2. Regulation