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Assignment 1 -Scientific Method: (20 points)

  1. Describe the properties that characterize living things.
  1. Explain how biological organization is extended beyond an individual.
  1. Define the following terms: biology, science, hypothesis and theory.
  1. What is the ultimate purpose of science?
  2. What is the scientific method and how is it used to gain knowledge?

6) Design a controlled experiment.

7) Describe some of the limitations of science.

8) What is the difference between Experimental and Naturalistic Science?

9) Describe how Science differs from all other disciplines.

10) What is the limitation to a General Hypothesis?

11) What is the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning?

12) What is the importance of Basic Scientific Research?

13) What is the difference between morals and ethics?

  1. Describe how the crime of stealing would be viewed in a Deontological and Utilitarian System of Ethics.
  1. Describe the main problem in a pluralistic society in regard to the ethical codes of that society.

16) Describe some of the abuses and uses of animals in our society.

  1. Do animals have rights? What is your opinion?
  1. Should society set limits on scientific research?