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How to speak Japanese-Canadian

Anime Speed Bump

kuma san shows you how to speak
Japanese-Canadian Japanese-Canadian is the official language of the CanadianRiverBear. And since we have one on our staff: Kuma san, we have decided to set up a tutorial, containing some of the most important phrases of the language. Do not be discouraged if you have trouble understanding at first, like any other language, Japanese-Canadian is very refined in both structure and flow.

color code
Blue = words of Japanese origin. | Red = words of Canadian origin.

English: Anime Speed Bump is a pretty good site.... FOR ME TO POOP ON.
Japanese-Canadian: Anime Speed Bump is bound to be good eh.... ANO BOKU WA UNCHI O SHIMASU

English: Get away from me!
Japanese-Canadian: Ikinasai you hosers!

English: That "COLEMAN LANTERN" only costs one dollar.
Japanese-Canadian: Sore wa "KUORUMAN RUANTARUN" is only one looney, eh

English:My mother likes Wayne Gretzky
Japanese-Canadian: Boku no okasan ga is the biggest Wayne 'n' Gretzky fan there ever was.

English: Please pass me a cold beer.
Japanese-Canadian: Kon'nichi wa, eh

English: What is your approximate age?
Japanese-Canadian: A-boot eh, nan sai desu ka

English: I'm so full, I couldn't drink another drop of beer.
Japanese-Canadian: Sayounara eh.

English: I just had a horrible nightmare.
Japanese-Canadian: South Park: bigger, longer and un-cut desu

English: Oh Shit!!
Japanese-Canadian: Carl Macek desu

Occasionally, you will find a CanadianRiverBear who spends time in the states. As a result, they pick up a new accent. For example:

English: Oh no! I think the cat bus from "My Neighbor Totoro" almost hit Fred.
Japanese-Canadian: Check it out dude, ima wa neko no basu ga "Tonari no Totoro" just a-boot hit Fred eh!


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