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The Updates

Anime Speed Bump

3/8/00- Posted some banners you can use to link to this site, see them here. Also added a few more entries to the list of Funniest sites, and fixed a few broken links.

2/6/00- We have a new homepage! All the other pages have been changed slightly, to make them look better on high resolution monitors. I put up some new pictures for each section page too. Otherwise the content has not changed much. I hope to add a new feature within a few weeks, the old ones have been there for a while.

10/12/99- I added the new Anime Speed Bump logo to the front page,and fixed a few dead links, but still... no major changes and no new features. Don't worry though, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. So check back every once in a while. The fact is, our web design time has been limited greatly by school and sports, so Anime Speed bump will not progress as quickly as it has in the past. However, we are still adding new links to funny sites and a couple of other things here and there, so don't give up on us yet.

9/12/99- We've been gone for a while as we moved to a new city and a new computer. But we're back again, only this time with the painfull realization that this site looks terrible on the new 1024 x 768 resolution screen. Kuma san is working on a solution to that. Meanwhile, I'm a week behind on the "feature of the week" but we're going to try to catch up on that too. Thanks for your patience.

8/29/99- Anime Speed Bump has been totally redesigned again. Whew, we've been busy.

8/22/99- More sections have been added under "extras". We cleaned up a couple pages as well, trying to make the design more effective.

8/13/99- Totally redisigned Anime Speed Bump is in action. You're lookin at it baby.


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