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Shinji has a fro in real life
    Way to go tough guy...
    So you went and got lost huh? I give you the simplest layout I could think of, any you STILL manage to screw it up. What do I look like. When you look at me, what do you see, some kind of clown for your personal entertainment? Am I supposed come running to the rescue every time you forget how to read the button that clearly says "back"? Does this look like a kindergarden classroom to you?, huh Mr. tough guy?, does it?

Kuma, a

Kuma explains...
We're sorry about any confusing navigation components of our web site. To make sure you can get un-lost, we made this section. You can reach any portion of our site directly from this page. We also added a couple navigation tips for the hopeless.

Table of Contents

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Navigation Information
  • This site is divided into five sub-sections. The main page for each of these sub-sections is accessable from anywhere, via the toolbar on the top of each page.

  • Each of these sub-sections is like it's own site, you can browse through their contents by using the links on each sub-section main page.

  • Use the back button on the bottom of each page to return to a sub-section main page.

  • Read Kuma san's comments on the sub-section main pages. He gives an actual explanation of each section.

  • Don't you think it's more confusing now after that explanation?, hope it helped.

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