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    Link to my site or I'll kill ya

    To persuade people to link to their sites, the masses tend to use a sympathetic approach that goes something like this: "Oh please link to my site 'cause I need the traffic :) and ^::'; it would make me ;^^; really happy!". I have found that this method has become ineffective, so I invented a new approach, which also has a motto: "Link to my site or I'll kill you".

    That's right. I know your IP address, I know where you live, and I know where you're mother lives. Did I mention that I'm a sniper for the CIA (part time)? Rest assured, not linking to Anime Speed Bump could be detrimental to you're health.

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This section contains anything related to advertising a web site. Like webrings, banner excange, and general links to other sites.

Webrings I am a member of...

AnimFan Network Webring: Stand above the evils and trecherous lies of the anime internet world with AnimFan network webring. Dare to be different.

Aikoto's Best of Anime Webring: If you're not happy with the results, you get back all the money that you didn't pay; gauranteed!

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Anime SB Banners: Link to Anime Speed Bump with an Official ASB banner! It's money in the bank!... so to speak.

Exchange Programs

Banner marketing pitches: See how witty today's webmasters can be. Are they good enough to convice you to visit their site?

Get your own banner space: Think you're more sly than the rest of the World Wide Web? Join our banner exchange program and show us what you've got.

General Links

Random Links: Random links to various anime sites and other resources.

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