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My Mission

Anime Speed Bump

Most people who make guides or link lists for anime secretly have the intention of becoming the supreme ruler of the Anime and Manga world. I however, do not..... Rather, I make NO secret of the fact that I want to be the omnipotent and ever-benevolent prince of the Anime Internet domain. And why should I?
Now, I'm a modest guy, but I think my skill as a designer, knowledge of computers, innovation as a marketing agent, witty humor, worthwhile page content, amazingly good looks, and B+ in Spanish should be more than enough to bring me fame and fortune.

Sure, there may not be many links now, but I'm not worried. 'Build it and ye shall come', right? Soon, Anime Speed bump will be the hippest place to hang out on the web. I mean c'mon, how can people resist my original slogans like: 'It's the un-pike', 'c'mon everybody's doing it', and 'It's your site'. Why wouldn't web masters abroad submit their sites to my index?, when all they have to do is fill out my form, sit back, and (in the words of wise guru webmonkey) watch the loooove roll in.

My plan is flawless, the time is now, it's my turn, and 'we won't make it until you order it'; soon, I will be the king of Anime, that's my ultimate goal.


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