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Panda Parlevous Anime Humor?

Here is the list of links de magnificent. You could spend 2 minutes exploring my list, and still not see them all. SO IT'S A LITTLE SHORT. However, I am proud to say that all of the links are up-to-date and working (except for the broken ones that are not up-to-date).

Put it into perspective though, Anime Humor sites are on the endangered species list (along with bald eagles and rappers like Vanilla Ice). They tend to DIE faster that they reproduce. So consider it a rarity to see twenty some links on a single site, bub.

If you would like to see you're humor website on this list, then fill out the special form. I will warn you though, the criteria for accepted sites is strict (meaning you must be able to spell your e-mail address and URL correctly).

Enjoy the list. (Or as the say in France "bon appetite").

Kuma, a

Kuma explains...
In this section, you will find links to some of the finest anime- humor sites on the web. If you have your own anime-humor site, you can get a link here too by filling out this form.

Kuma, my partner in web design
If you want your site to show up on this list, all you have to do is fill out our form.

Funniest Sites

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