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Anime Speed Bump

So you want your own banner marketing pitch on Anime Speed Bump, huh? All you have to do is link to this site, and then send us the appropriate information. Just follow the easy steps below, and you'll have your own advertinsing campaign in no time!

Step One
Check to make sure I'm not dead.

There's nothing more annoying than going through the trouble of filling out an application form, only to find that the webmaster is either dead or neglecting their website. So, it would be in your best benefit to make sure I'm not dead by e-mailing me before you take the time to make a banner marketing pitch. I will respond to you're e- mail within one or two days, and you can begin to compose your information then. Or you could just do it anyway and just hope you're lucky.

Step Two
Link to Anime Speed Bump using the "Official Anime Speed Bump Linking Banner".

Anime Speed Bump

Save this banner to your hard drive, then upload it to your server, and link to:

Step Three
Write your marketing pitch

It can be comical, melodramatic, whatever- as long as it's interesting. Don't just list the features of your site one by one. Make it dynamic, be creative. You've got room to work, so don't waste it by using the same boring description you would give a search engine. The better you make it, the more your banner will stand out above anyone elses.


  1. Banner must be under 15k. If you're having problems with that, send it to me anyway, and I'll run it through gif/jpeg cruncher to see if I can make it smaller.

  2. Entire marketing pitch must fit within one of my screens. (600 x 480 pixels)

  3. HTML tags are allowed! You can use html tags to format you're description, add tables, colors, whatever!

Step Four
Send us your information using this form

Site Name (the title of your site)

Site URL (your website address)

Banner Location (the address of your banner on your server)

Your E-mail address (so I can contact you if I have problems)

Description of your site (you may include HMTL tags)

Special instructions/requests

Thanks. Your banner should be in place within a couple of days. You can update your information at a later time by filling our this form again, and indicating your intentions in the "special instructions/requests" text box. That is all.


Questions or comments can be sent to

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