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ash says booyaka
    Jay Leno, take a seat....

    Of course, this is the infamous page of features you've all been dying to see. Actually, this page has won numerous awards (like the "The best page to be located on award", and the "This site is approved by MC Hammer award"). You may find a few of the jokes amusing, but it's nothing that will make you fall out of your chair.
    Ok I'm done talking now.

Kuma, a

Kuma explains...
This section is devoted to our own humble anime humor. A new section is added when time permits. Oh yeah, and if you think our jokes suck... well you'd be right but at least you could humor us a little by pretending you like them.

Current Feature

Ramen 1/2: Information on the newest Anime series by Shmiz Video, Ramen 1/2!

Previous Features

How to speak Japanese-Canadian: Being a CanadianRiverBear, Kuma san is naturally fluent in his native language: Japanese-Canadian. Now he shows you how in a few easy steps.

An Introduction to Anime: Think you know why Anime is the best? Think again, bub.

Mascot Auditions Gone Wrong: Find out why none of our mascot candidates could make the cut.

M.A.C.B: Mothers Against Crappy Backgrounds

Pretty Fly For a Samurai: Lyrics to the hit single by Fushigi Yuugi, expressing the hardships of being an anime actor.

Honest Testimonials: Hear what the big time critics and celebraties have to say about Anime Speed Bump.

My Mission: Find out what the hell I was thinking when I made this site.

Ask Jeives: Jeives is the all time best bull shitter, period. He knows Jack Shmeg. With that aside, go ahead and ask him anything about anime. Jeives will awnser.

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