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The Credits

Anime Speed Bump

This website was brought to you by....

The Staff

That's me,
Image by MMG
Ed is the head of site production. Ed also has to come up with all the content that is put into this site (you're thinking "what content??" aren't you) Oh, and that really is him in that picture to the left. Ed was actually a stunt double for Hikaru Ichijyo in Macross. You know all those cool Valkeyrie stunts?- since Hikaru was afraid of heights, those were all done by Ed. (I'm seriously not making that up) Now, since Ed is tired of of refering to himself in third person, he will introduce the other member of our staff.

Kuma, the CanadianRiverBear Kuma (A CanadianRiverBear)
Kuma san is the head of administrative duties, he is also responsible for handling incoming e-mail, and translating Ed's ramblings into english. Kuma san is a natural born CanadianRiverBear, which makes him a master of many languages. He also knows Anime better than Yo-Yo-Ma plays the chello, so if you have any tough questions, he's the one you should ask.

Jeives Jeives (Yet another CanadianRiverBear)
Jeives' only responsibility is to run his own forum, Ask Jeives. Because of his mental instability, and tendencies to fantasize of destroying large metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, we don't assign him important duties, or allow valuable information to wander within his reach. Jeives has obviously been repeatedly hit over the head with a hammer, therefore, for the safety of all parties involved, we would appreciate it if you would not disturb him by obsessively clicking on his head.

Special Thanks

First of, we would like to thank a few people who have helped us improve ou website by lending us their own time and advice.

  • Dave form The Lite Site has awnsered all of our HTML questions, and has also provided us with some other great resources.

  • Aikoto, form Aikoto's Anime has taken the time to make an extensive reveiw of my website, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Next off, we are very greatful for the people who allowed us to use their images on our website. While we retouched and reformatted most of them, somebody has to origionally scan and edit these pictures. Any image on this site that was not created by me has a link under it to the person who did. But, Here they are again, listed one by one:

  • AnimeMaster: Hello video capture card. Anime Master has tons of screen shots and animations.

  • KOR Image Gallery: They have over 200 images of my favorite anime, Kimagure Orange Road.

  • The Macross Movie Gallery: Very hard to find quality images from the Macross movie made in 1984.

  • AnimeWorks: They had a lot of very nice artwork by Haruhiko Mikimoto, but I think their site no longer exists.

  • Team Rockets's Pokemon Page: Tons and tons of team rocket pokemon pictures.

And finally, we would like to thank all the people who have sent us their comments or submited their site. If we never had any feedback, we wouldn't be motivated to keep improving our site.

(End note: As a silent statement of protest against the explotaion of certian Japanese words, Anime Speed Bump has made a solemn promise to never use the word "Arigatou" or any of its variations in their credits section. Thanks You very much.)


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