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AnimFan Network Webring

Anime Speed Bump

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(This site is owned by Ed)

"Ask not what this webring can do for you, but what you can do for this webring."

Anime Speed Bump is a proud member of the AnimFan Network Webring. And I encourage you, my fellow citzens of the world wide web, to join in my happiness, by becoming the next member of the AFNW. You may be inclined to ask yourself "why should I join this webring?". But that is hardly the question, indeed, the question you should be asking yourself is: "Why shouldn't I?". The truth is, I'm a honest guy, and this is a honest webring (it's not my webring, but that doesn't mean it can't be honest). The owner and members of this ring do not rely on borrowed marketing slogans and failed attempts at huomor to incerease it's popularity for their own benefit. Nay, we'd rather stand above the ocean of sleazy salesmen and unloyal participants. When we come face to face with the corrupt evil of the internet webring fad do we turn away?, CERTAINLY NOT. We face that danger head on, because we are not afraid to be different. We are different, and I challenge you, ladies and gentelmen, to join us, in our quest of differentness.

AnimFan Network Webring. "When you're here, you're family."


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