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Here are some pictures that I've taken and I'm particularly proud of. I apologize for this page because it will be a slow loading page because of the large pictures.

Canada Day Parade 1999. I forget this guy's name... hopefully someone will remind me of it.

Crossing the mighty Mackenzie River through the iceflow.

Interesting contrast of the old traditional aboriginal ways of fishing on the Hay River versus the industrial shipping company in the background.

The fire that destroyed the Day Care centre in Fort Smith, NT.

The Anglican church on the Hay River Dene Reserve which is over 75 years old.

Don't worry... the blur in the pic of the old church is just a blade of the grass in front of the church. No spirits caught here.

This is the Roman Catholic church on the Hay River Dene Reserve.

This is the old storage building for the long-gone residential school that used to be on the Hay River Dene Reserve. Notice the old tractor engine in the foreground.

An eerie remnant from the residential school, a child's head board and ratty potato sack. Inside the storage building.

A more recent addition to my nature photographs.

Try as he may, he can't hide from me.

This picture is taken from the Hay River Dene Reserve and looks at the bridge crossing the West Channel of the Hay River. The teepee in the foreground is a cool reminder of days past, while the bridge is a reminder of today. This picture was before all the bridge renovation.

This picture reminds me of the Forrest Gump movie. "...sometimes you couldn't even tell where the land would end and the sky would begin."

This is my little cousin Alyssa. Not only did she let me take this extra close-up pic of her, but she has amazing green eyes.

My buddy Jason.

This picture was taken during the opening ceremony of the 1999 Territorial Track and Field Meet held in Hay River. She was so enthralled in the speech and oblivious to me laying on the floor taking pics of the event. I think it's an awesome pic, and I'm very proud of it.

Action shot of Sheldon Michel.

A close-up of Frances Doyle.

Hay River sunset over the Great Slave Lake.

McNally Falls.

Lady Evelyn Falls on the Kakisa River. (notice the big mosquito in front of the falls?)

Same set of falls, better picture of the mosquito.

Lady Evelyn Falls from the riverbank.

Little Tapanga Michel. Notice the soft focus effect used here? I give credit to Tapanga... I didn't realize she drooled on the camera lens.

Alexandra Falls on the Hay River.

The ravens in the north are big. My friend John thought they were the size of eagles. Not quite, but they are big.

I'm really proud of this shot. This was taken during the K'amba (Ptarmigan in Slavey) Carnival. This pup was watching all the outdoor games that the strange people were doing.

A Moose that crossed the Mackenzie highway just north of Grimshaw, Alberta. I actually made an attempt at a moose call that made the moose look at me.

People from the south constantly tell me that they don't understand the concept of an ice road. When rivers and lakes up here freeze over, we drive over them. Sometimes though people can test their luck in the spring.

Dunvegan Gardens just south of Fairview, Alberta. This was where I actually proposed to my wife, as we were travelling home from Grande Prairie. I wanted to wait until we got back to Hay River, but the diamond ring was burning a hole in my pocket, and I had to ask her there. Anyone from the area could have told you that I didn't get very far.

Dunvegan Gardens, Alberta. The haunted rectory.

The following pics were taken at Debbie Doyle and Peg Archibald's property near Meaford, Ontario.

Frances Doyle in Meaford, Ontario.

I couldn't believe that the digital camera actually stopped the helicopter blades in mid air. Taken in Meaford, Ontario.

Trees and the roots, somewhere around Ingalls Falls in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Ingalls Falls.

The Toronto skyline.