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AAA Landscapes

"When I consider everything that grows...."
William Shakespere

The end product of every job exceeds industry standards, and is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Computer aided design and quality control are combined with good communications to create a functioning and sustainable landscape in virtually any area of the northwest. We incorporate quality control and site inspection to ensure that all spaces are utilized properly and all plantings can reach their full potential.


             Our Services Include:

Professional Design

High Impact Area Design

Paths and Walls



Crews are lead by a trained professional. Every job is overseen by a team leader. The team leader is a landscape professional who will establish the criteria for quality control and assess daily progress. He will keep the team on schedule and will oversee the finest details of your job to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality.

We take textbook design one step further. Our motto is "When in doubt, do better." All planting soil will be omended to the plant's individual needs and is properly fertilized upon planting to ensure vigorous rooting. When weeds are a problem you need us on the job. We have proven methods used to keep weeds down without the use of harsh chemicals.

We combine innovation and professional service to create a long-lasting image of quality on your grounds. I am sure that our work will impress and satisfy all prospective clients.

Yours Truly
AAA Landscapes
Eli Kunzmann

You can contact us in Whatcom County
In Bellingham
360 752-9878
360 224-4630


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