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This Site is dedicated to Devadip Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin My Idols! No one is born a master but some are born to be masters...

We play music to align the spirit. -- Traditional Hindu Saying.

If you want to hear a live track sequence of !(Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord),just click on the .WAV image.

The Santana Album Links.(Welcome is still under Construction.To see the Press Article & The LDS Image Gallery just click on the images.Thank you for visiting my page.Come back and visit again!Press CTRL+D if you want to BOOKMARK this website)...

John McLaughlin and your LDS website Host,Pierrot Jain backstage in Basel Switzerland 17 Oct.2000

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URGE=Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment:

This Site is undergoing some Construction work and will reopen during 2001 so check from time to time... Thank you for being patient.

Many of you ask the question where to get the Welcome release on CD read below.

CD Now @ Amazon @ Music Boulevard @ Best Buy @ SongSearch @

Where can I find the 'Welcome' release on CD? 'Welcome' was only released Internationally on CD format.If you can't find it in your local music stores or on any of the on-line music stores (listed above) you might want to try Groamy's CD's & Tapes in Lima, Ohio (USA). Groamy who has been in the music business for fifteen years has a small store and a talent for keeping his store stocked with hard to find product. He has the 'Welcome' CD and a full range of the Santana catalog. Give him a call or e-mail him. Groamy's CD's & Tapes 1571 North Main Street Lima, OH 45801