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Daily Times- Issue 5

Issue 5

The Webpage for Issue 5 had to be divided into TWO PAGES. You will find a link at the bottom of the page where you can view the second page.

For this issue, I would like to ask you to give your opinion. Even a few words would be helpful. We don't know if our hard work is showing. Do you like the paper? Do you think it could be improved? Tell us. If you write a letter to us, we will publish it in the next issue. We need to know what you think. Thank you.

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Little Anthony and The Imperials by Lars-Ňke H

Diana- Princess of Wales by Stacey

My Life on Titanic by Crystal L. Austin

THAC, The Humorous Advice Column

Poetry by Amanda Meek, Jon Spuhler, and Crystal L. Austin

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Little Anthony and The Imperials by Lars-Ňke H

In the mid-fifties every teen in Boys High School had a dream; to be singing in a group. And Anthony Gourdine was no exception. In 1955 at the age of 15 Anthony joined a group in his homedistrict of Fort Greene, projects of Brooklyn, NY. The group was called the Duponts, and they preformed on local school dances and club dates.

In 1957 they signed up for Royal Roost Records where they recorded the pop and R&B hit "Prove It Tonight". But the Duponts didn't have a future and when Anthony left High School he also left the group. Shortly after, he joined The Chesters, another doowop group who were looking for a lead singer at that time. The lineup consisted of Tracy Lord (tenor), Ernest Wright, Jr. (second tenor), Clarence Collins (baritone), Glouster Rogers (bass) and now Anthony Gourdine (lead).

In 1958 they were spotted by an A&R man for End Records, Richard Barrett. They signed a contract and renamed themselves Little Anthony and the Imperials. There first record, "Tears On My Pillow," was going to be their biggest hit ever. Selling over one million copies, the song is still today recognized as the most enduring love ballad of the 50s. With the flipside "Two People World", it was one of the most popular vocal records ever. After this success, nothing major happened during the groups following two years. Several follow-up singles were released, but nothing seemed to hit the charts; songs such as "So Much", "Wishful Thinking", and "A Prayer & A Jukebox." In 1960 the Imperials made their second hit, "Shimmy, Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop." This was also a smashing hit, selling over one million copies. But after this both Anthony and the Imperials (Ernest, Tracy, Clarence and Glouster) felt that it was time to try going solo so the group split up.

In 1963 the group reformed, but this time without Lord and Rogers, and instead adding Sammy Strain, a friend of Ernest from Brooklyn's Alexander Hamilton High School.

In 1964 Ernie Martinelli,the manager of the Imperials hooked them up with the composer Teddy Randazzo. He wrote a perfect song for Anthony's voice, "I'm On The Outside Looking In," the Imperials' biggest hit since "Tears On My Pillow." The Imperials and Randazzo would become a great team. That same year they signed up for the DCP Records (Don Costa Productions) with Randazzo as a composer and producer.

Their follow up songs, "Goin Out Of My Head" and "Hurt So Bad" landed on #6 and #10 on the pop charts, #22 and #3 on the R&B charts. The group worked succesfully many years also making an album with the famous writer and producer Tom Bell. But in 1975 Anthony finally decided to "grow up" and took his solo career seriously, so the group broke up again. Clarence Collins, founder of The Imperials, started a new group under the same name and they preformed in Las Vegas for several years. Ernest Wright joined a group called Europa and Sammy Strain joined the great R&B group, The O'Jays. Little Anthony and the Imperials was one of very few groups that was able to survive the pop wave that so strongly washed over the american music world in the 60s. One good explanation to there survival is there very unique and powerful sound. With Little Anthony Gourdines' voice the group was just unstopable. And on there reunion in New York City 1992, Little Anthony and The Imperials once again showed the world the power and the magic that the group holds together.

Lars-Ňke H

Diana- Princess of Wales by Stacey

Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1966 weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. Diana was the third daughter born to Viscount and Viscountess Althorp-Earl Spencer and Frances Spencer. Earl had longed for a boy to carry on the Spencer name and with Diana being the third daughter born to them, they had not even decided on a girl's name for the baby, expecting this time a son would be born. A week later they finally named her Diana Frances. Actually, the Spencers did have a son at one time. Eighteen months prior to Diana's birth, Frances Spencer gave birth to a son and named him John. John however was so badly deformed and sickly that he only lived for 10 hours. three years after Diana was born, their beloved son finally arrived-Charles.

When Diana was six years old, the Spencers decided to divorce. Her mother Frances left one day while Diana watched her drive off. Frances moved to London and Earl eventually re-married. Diana and Charles did not like Raine, their stepmother. With the other two sisters, Jane and Sarah, they were alot older and were off on their own, therefore leaving Diana and Charles with Earl and Raine. Growing up with a stepmom they did not like was hard and yet playful. Diana and her borther would always cause little troubles to annoy Raine. They would always get caught but got a laugh out of it anyway.

At West Heath, Diana got average grades. She did not become a great scholar like her brother and sister. She was however very interested in history and did well in that subject. She also wanted very much to be a ballerina. She practiced for hours a day and was extremely well at it, however Diana was now 5' 10" and was too tall to do serious ballet.

When Diana was 16 years old, she met Prince Charles for the first time. Prince Charles had actually been dating Diana's sister Sarah at that time. Something seemed to stir in the prince when he met Diana was she did not feel the same. In 1987 the relationshipwith the prince and Sarah was still going on and may talked that Sarah may become the next queen in waiting. Sarah however had given an interview to a magazine recently that stated she did not love the prince and if he were to ask her to marry him, she would have to turn him down. The relationship ended after that although she was still invited to Prince Charles's 30th birthday party that November, as was Diana. Diana had a great time and something seemed to spark some interest in her with the prince. At this time though, Diana was not looking for a romance. She had just moved to London and was becoming independant. She had received an apartment as a gift from her parents for her "coming of age" party when she turned 16. Soon after she got a job at the Young England kindergarten. Diana was thrilled with her job and was enjoying her life as it was. Time went on until she saw the prince again.

Prince Charles had been dating many women within this time, including Camilla Parker-Bowles. An ex-servant of the Royal Family once commented that if prince Charles could remain single, he would never marry, however the prince had an obligation-to marry and produce and heir to the throne. At 30 years old he had publicly announced he was ready to settle down and get married. Now he was 33 years old and still did not have anyone special in mind.

In July of 1980, Diana had been staying at friend's house who thought she would be good for the prince. She had gone then to watch Charles play polo. After the game a party was given at the house of where Diana was visiting and there is where Diana and Charles had talked for hours, enjoying eachother's company. This is the day that would begin history.

Diana and Charles started dating and became serious. Photographers started following the couple and taking pictures after pictures of what may be the next King and Queen. Diana was overwhelmed but learned how to cope. Charles didn't seem to say much about Diana's anguish, explaning that is the price to pay for dating the future King of England. Camilla Parker-Bowles, knowing that the prince was not going to marry her, married Andrew Parker-Bowles however still carried on with the prince in private. Diana was now feeling that the prince would eventually ask her to marry him. she thought long and hard about what her answer would be. There would be many duties and obligations involved and then there was also the nagging feeling over the 'friendship" of Camilla and Charles. On February 6, 1981, prince Charles asked Lady Diana Spencer to be his wife. Diana truly loved the prince and her answer was yes after much consideration prior to him asking her. years later she would find out that for a couple reasons she was an acceptable bride for the prince. One reason was that she was still a virgin-a must to become royalty. Secondly, she was approved by Camilla. Charles would ask Camilla her opinion of any women he was dating on who would make a good princess and one day queen. He no longer could marry Camilla as she was already married by now. So there it was. Diana would now become the future Princess of Wales.

The day her engagement became public knowledge, Diana moved into the Buckingham Palace. That is when the tears and disappointment all started. She was as if locked away from her family, friends and normal life. It was then that the bulimia started. She lost 6 inches in her waist in three months time.

The wedding plans were in motion and all coming together and on July 29, 1981, Diana climbed into the glass carriage in her ivory, silk wedding gown with a 25 foot train. As she walked down the aisle with her father at the St.Paul's cathedral, Diana was filled with nervousness and excitement. during the ceremony, the prince and princess's wedding was referred to "the stuff in which fairy-tales are made," by the Archbishop of Canterbury. When the ceremony was over, the crowd outside cheered to the new princess. Diana had big hopes. She told herself that the bulimia was just a one time thing due to wedding nerves and that Camilla Parker-Bowles would now be out of their lives, who had also attending the wedding. She was sadly wrong.

Not long after they were married, Diana and Charles were going over writing in eachother's diaries when two pictures of Camilla fell out. Another time she had noticed that Charles was wearing a pair of new cufflinks with the shape of two C's intertwined. She asked Charles about them and he admitted they were from Camilla but blew it off as only a gesture of their friendship. Diana started to feel more and more alone and had suspicions that the relationship with Charles and Camilla was still going strong. Diana turned to her family about the problems in her marriage but she was told to uphold the imagine which was her duty. She wanted to confide in her firneds but didn't want to be a burden to them. She though of going to the royal family but knew they would take Charles's side. She had no one to turn to and her bulimia was out of control. Her thoughts turned to suicide. Charles knew he had a mess on his hands and did not want it to get out to the public so he flew in a doctor to treat Diana. He suggested medication to help her. Diana knew she didn't need medication, just support and reassurance from her loved ones, especially her husband. It was at this time that she found out she was pregnant.

Sounds of raises voices in anger and crying could be heard often behind closed door of the prince and princess's bedroom door. Diana was tormented by terrible morning sickness, the thought of Camilla Parker-Bowles and trying to adjost still to the Royal family. She was getting no support from Charles and in January of 1982, Diana threatened to taker her own life. Charles accused her of crying wolf and started to leave to go riding when Diana threw herself down the stairs. The Queen Mother was the first to arrive on the scene and was horrified. A local doctor was called as well as her obstetrician to come check her over. She was fine and the fetus was uninjured. Charles continued with his plans to go riding. This was only one of many attempts to take her own life, although actually it wsn't attempts of suicide, it was cries of help.

On June 21, 1982 at 9:03 pm, Diana gave birth to the future king-William. For awhile things seemed to be better between the prince and princess. Diana had hope for her marriage howvere that didn't last long. Diana started becoming more of a public figure and the media loved her. She had become more popular then Prince Charles himself and he seemed to accept his somewhat shadowy role however resented Diana in privacy. She was also pregnant again and had suspicions that Charles was again seeing Camilla. All the signs were there-the late night phonecalls, the unexplained absences and so on. Their marriage was once again fading. Diana aslo knew that Prince Charles had the hopes of having a daughter this time. Diana already knew it was going to be a boy from an ultrasound her had. it was a secret she kept until she gave birth to Harry on September 15, 1984 at 4:20pm. When Prince Cahlres saw Harry, he remarked, "Oh, a boy. He even has rusty hair." (A trademark of the Spencers.) It was then that Diana says that something inside her died. It was the beginning of the end of their marriage.

Diana began to evolve into her own person, breaking away from the personality the Royal family expected of her. She began to go on crusades and did much charity work with AIDS and sick children. She would always attend a school function of her children while Charles would send a servant to greet which ever child was in the play or etc with a tray of fruit. Diana scolded Charles for not being there more his children. This resulted in a few hand-written faxes to the children from Charles stating his daily activitites while he was away.

Diana always wanted her children brought up to know how it is to be normal children, not just Royal children or the "future king." She climbed into bed with the boys at night and cuddled with them, she gave lots of affection, took them to amusement parks, water rides and etc. Diana loves her children and they are her world. She had grown to accept the infidelities of her husband, the prince and even accepted Camilla Parker-Bowles. Her marriage had become nothing as Diana herself became the most publicized person of the media.

Princess Diana could file for divorce but then she would lose her title as well as the job of a full-time mother. The boys would remain at Kensington Palace since they, mainly William, could and will be the future king.

*In December 1992, plans for a seperation were announced for Diana and Charles but no divorce had been filed.
*In 1993 the SUN newspaper published a transcript of a telephone conversation between Prince Chalres and Camilla Parker-Bowles that was recorded from 1989.
*In June 1994 Prince Charles admitted committing adultery with Camilla.
*On February 28, 1996 Diana and Charles agree to divorce.
*August 28 1996 Diana and Charles are officially divorced.
*1997-Diana begins to date long-time family friend Dodi Fayed.
*August 31,1997-Diana is killed in an automobile accident in Paris. Dodi is also killed.

My Life on Titanic by Crystal L. Austin

I am keeping this diary because mommy says this is a big event, sailing on this big ship. My name is Abigail Riley and I am six years old. I was born May 6, 1906. I am in first class with my mommy and daddy. It is a really big ship. It's like a castle on water. It has so many rooms, and a lot of people. I've seen many of the rooms. The dining room is really big and has special plates and things. Mommy and Daddy let me play on deck with some of the other children. We play with spinning tops and hopscotch. It is cold on this boat, and there are a lot of little boats on the deck too. Mommy says they're lifeboats for when the ship has a problem and people need to leave. But she says this boat can't sink because it's made of a special metal that keeps it from sinking.

It is April 14, 1912 and it is getting dark. Mommy says I can't go up on deck and play now because it is cold. Daddy is in the smoking room and mommy is in another room. They told me to stay in my room and look out the window to watch the water. I think the boat just ran over something. I felt a small bump. I don't know what it was, but like mommy says, this ship can't sink.

Some men in white jackets just came in my room and told me I had to put on a white jacket too. They told me to find mommy and daddy and go up on deck. But I told them that mommy told me it was too cold to go up on deck. So they went to find mommy and daddy for me while I got dressed in warm clothes. I don't know why everyone is dressed in these big things. But, I'll wait for mommy to come back.

Mommy and daddy and the men in white coats just came back. Mommy looks worried. She told me to put on my best and warmest coat and put on this big white thing and then go up to the boat deck. I don't know why, but I'm going anyway.

Now I'm sitting in one of those little boats with mommy. The men in dark coats won't let daddy in with us. He told daddy he'd have to get in another boat later. Daddy said he'll meet us on another boat after we're rescued. They're dropping our little boat into the water now Mommy is scared.

We're floating away from the big ship now, it's sitting funny. I asked mommy what we were doing and she told me the boat was sinking. But I asked her why it was sinking when she told me it couldn't sink. She said she was wrong and said she was sorry. The big boat is going into the water head first, the other end is sticking up, but the lights are still on. If the boat is sinking, why are the lights on? Well, now I can only see the end of the boat sticking out of the water, and the lights went out. I guess they found out they won't be needing them.

Mommy put a blanket on me because she said she didn't want me to get sick. She told me to close my eyes and go to sleep. But I can't sleep with all this noise. There's a lot of yelling and screaming going on. Some people didn't get in boats. They're swimming. But I guess I'll try to sleep. It's past my bedtime.

Now we're on another big boat called the car..pat..hia. It looks a lot like the other one. But we can't find daddy. Mommy is crying. I asked her why and she told me that they lost daddy and can't find him. She said daddy won't be coming home. I'm not getting on anymore of these big boats. they sink and they lose kid's daddies. How could they lose daddy? Where did he go? Why won't daddy come home?


(The Humorous Advice Column)

Dear THAC,

I have a huge problem. And I was wondering if you could help me. For many years my army has been fighting the Trojans with only minimal success. My lead fighter Achilles has been killed and morale is low and dismal. I don't know what to do to raise that. I would like to return to Ithaca to see my wife and young son again. But I cannot leave until I know that this war is finished and over with. All my military experts have come up with plans that failed miserably. So I am at my wits end. Do you have any ideas that could help me defeat the Trojans so that I can return home?

Odysseus, King of Ithaca


Dear Odysseus-

What an Odyssey! Get in good with Athena, and Troy will be yours. Show them the meaning of the phrase "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." Baklava and folk dancing won't send the walls crumbling down, but I forsee a giant horse in your future. If all else fails, you can always buy Trojan stock in the future.

THAC Staff



Untitled by Amanda Meek

As I search the stars in the sky
and lie awake and alone in the darkness,
I feel a cool breeze blow by
and all of my world
Seems to come together
and hold still for one clear moment.
Just one moment of clarity
in a sea of confusion.
I feel off balance
and as if there's no way
I could ever stand again.
Yet my world stays the same
And I learn change
and accept it.
My world continues
yet I struggle to hold it together
When I realize
it never came apart
Only changing and growing-
All parts of my life
I forgot even existed


Parce-que Je T'aime by Amanda Meek

Je cris les larmes
parce-que je t'adore
Je rÍves les rÍves
parce-que je t'adore
J'espere pour un meilleur demain
parce-que je t'adore

Je rÍves de nous ensemble
Tu es en ma coeur toujours
Je pense de toi pour toujours
Tu es en mon esprit toujours
Je veux te tenir toujours
Tu es ŗ moi pour toujours

J'espere que tu rÍves de moi aussi
et me tiens en ta coeur
J'espere que tu pense de moi
et veux Ítre ensemble
et m'adores
avec toute de ta coeur
Je suis ŗ toi pour toujours.


The English translation of the previous poem:


Because I Love You by Amanda Meek

I cry tears
because I love you.
I dream dreams
because I love you.
I hope for a better tomorrow
because I love you.

I dream of us together
You're always in my heart.
I think of you forever
You're always on my mind.
I'll always want to hold you
You're forever mine.

I hope you dream of me too
and hold me in your heart.
I hope you think of me
and want to be together
and love me,
With all your heart.
I'm forever yours.


Wolf Song by Jon Spuhler

Lovely is the song they sing,
Their deep voices carry in the wind.

Mystified, terrorized,
Singing with them as they harmonize.

A grand chorus singing bliss,
As the wind of North blows nice and crisp.


Enter by Jon Spuhler

As one knocks upon my door
I tell them "Enter," but before
I realized
those dazzling eyes
once before I saw thee,
at once I knew I loved thee.
So now you know, my special friend,
your free to knock on my door again.


Tick Tock by Crystal L. Austin

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
That's the sound of the good old clock
sometimes slow, sometimes fast
but it never goes back to the past
My hear was broken once before
but it still wants to explore
Amongst the crowd it cannot find
the one to which is mine
I once was locked in a big black cloud
to which the key, no man was allowed
there gathered a large crowd outside the door
to all of them I could only ignore
the key was denied to each and every one
but somehow I still was not done
all of this fun has taken a toll on my heart
but no thanks to them, I'm falling apart
the pieces are piling up on the floor
It's not my fault, I can't take much more
of these childish and immature games sent from above
I have little control of what's going to happen at dawn
I took a look upon the crowd
because in the morning my true love must be found
In the group, one man stands
to receive the key, bound to my hands
when he steps forward
through the bars it shall slip
as a coincidence, not just a gift
the clock chimes dawn
the hour has arrived
all but one man, shall be greatly deprived
one man steps forth
I think how could it be
that out of all these men
one runs so quickly to me
but still the question remains
shall this man be the one
to receive my secret key
as closer he draws and into my view
he cuts through the mist
like a finely sharpened knife
to cut away the lonliness
that has taken over my life
as he reaches the door
as many have before
I think of how it will be
now that he has the key
to unlock the door is to unlock my heart
but if the key is turned the wrong way
in this cage I am destined to stay.



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