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THE UNDERTAKER, My master of the URN

6ft 10inc, 328ibs and you must think of the Undertaker. For over a decade the Undertaker has been the number 1 wrestler in the URN option. I can not thing of any one who will ever match his wrestling skills in the ring. But what would even amaze the UT would be his following or family that he has by his side.

Yes the Undertaker has in my words created a wonderful, dark and beautiful family, which is COTN. COTN mean creature of the night for any body who does not know that. The Undertaker has given us the platform to form friendship with other COTN around the world.

I have seen this friendship go very deep as the Spirit of the URN found love through the Undertaker and also the love of friendship which I embrace each COTN with. We are all proud of the Undertaker and I think now I should just tell you a little about him.

The Undertaker is a 3 times WWF Champion and also Tag team Champion too. He comes from Death Valley and believes in his Dark Side. The Undertaker is most probably the most deadly WWF wrestler ever, well in my option he is.

The Undertaker finishing move is the Tombstone which has over 500 + wrestler name to it, me also been one of those to be tombstone by him. The Undertaker has the greatest balance you will ever see in your life, he can walk the top rope and also land on his feet after getting clothesline out of the ring.

The Undertaker can fly, but he main strength for me is his pain barrier which I the URN had part of in his earlier career. But these days he draws from all the COTN. All the COTN would like to thank the Undertaker for all his hard work and making the COTN family.

The Undertaker will never R.I.P

Paul Bearer, keeper of the URN

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