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Pine Point....Do you remember?

* Created and maintained by Simone Tietz (now Rowlinson)*
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Hi Everyone. I started this page because I had started
one for Cassiar BC, and it got such a good response.
I would like to see the same thing happen here. It is
so nice to hear from people you haven't
heard from in a long time.

Page 2 is the Pine Point address book. If you would
like your name and email address in there, please send
me an email. To get page 2 go to the bottom of the
page and click on the link!

There is a new page called "PAGES FOR EVERYONE", if
you have any pages you have been to and think others
would like please email me the URL. Thank you.

Page 4 will be the Pine Point Photo Album. It will
contain pictures of people from Pine Point then and
now,pictures of Pine Point,the scenery around it, and
special events(birthdays,parties,graduations,
weddings,etc). So go dig out your old pictures(they
can be as old as you want), and also those new updated
photos(since Pine Point)and scan them and email them
You can click on the email icon below to bring you
right to it!

I have a message board on here. If you go to the
bottom of the page right under the guestbook you will see
a link that says "Go to my message board", just click
it. I put the board there so people can send little
messages to their friends each day. So post a message
to your friend(s) and then come back and see if there
are messages for you too. Please enjoy the board and
feel free to post messages on there as much as you
would like!

"badge scanned by Alf Silke for Franco Nogarin"

Lets talk about Pine Point for a minute. I was born
in Hay River, and spent the first 12 years of my life
in Pine Point. I will never forget it. I have so many
fond memories of Pine Point. I remember playing in the
tires at the elementary school, and building a fort,
out of some old shed across from the apartments on
Buffalo Dr. We used tar to paint the floors and walls
(Boy did we get in trouble for that). I remember
playing in the puddles when the ice was just starting
to melt. And we used to go to the abandoned water
tower on the golf course, and dare each other to climb
the ladder inside. We used to go to the campground and
go frog catching in the swampy pond in the bushes.
I remember recorder club, and french class with
Madame Bird. I though my grade 3 teacher Ms.Russell,
was the best teacher in the world and even asked for a
black cabbage patch kid that year, because I wanted a
doll that looked just like her.

I could go on forever about my memories but would
rather hear some of yours. So get your mouse
clicking and go sign my guest book!

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Click here to go to page 2..the Pine Point Address book!

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