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          Tips & Hints
  • Make sure that all grooming is done before you enter the ring.
  • If you need a brush or bait make sure you have a pocket for these extras.
  • If you don't have a extra pocket, make sure you have a "Bait bag". For
    us girls, the comb can be stuck nicely in between your hair, and the band
    used to keep your hair in place. If you don't have this option the elastic on
    your armband can be used to hold the comb in place.
  • Constantly talk to your dog! PRAISE!
  • Always keep an eye on the judge & SMILE!
  • The correct way to stack a dog is.......
                  1.        Place the front left leg.
                  2.        Place the front right leg.
                  3.       Place the Back left leg.
                  4.        Place the Black right leg.
  • Always congratulate the winner, & If the winner is you, be kind & curt!

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