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The PumpHouse Gym

Get Pumped!

"I do today what others will not... to live tomorrow, like others cannot!!"

2 Weeks later (need to bring up chest and cut on abs a bit more)

2 more weeks after that. Chest seems to be doing well, abs could be better. Just got over a bad cold and other problems, getting ready to get VERY serious.

Well, it's been a few months now and i've basically maintained my size, but my chest has come up a bit. With some help I will put on about 20 pounds within the next 2 months or so, i will put up new pics within the next few days and keep a progress of every 2 weeks to see how improvements are going.

This is my newest pic, i took it in a mirror and the mirror was dirty, but it's my new Pre Pic. Every 2 weeks i will put a new one up to see if there is much difference.

It's now October 2004... I've obviously slacked off a lot and i'm at about 195-200 pounds, but i've been eaing a TON of food over the last few days and playing a lot of football gettin ready for a big game on Nov. 11. I think i'm gonna do Power Lifting for a few weeks for football but i'm doing cardio so i shouldn't have very much fat on me. I'll also keep up the bodybuilding aspect of my workouts so i'm not JUST a powerlifter. This pic was takin a day ago on Day 3, there will be more to follow in about 2 weeks.


The PumpHouse is a Gym in the making. I'm hoping it will be open by the year 2006 and it will most likely be near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Don't let the name of the gym fool you, because it is NOT just a hardcore bodybuilding gym. It is a gym for anyone over the age of 16 who wants to get more physically fit. Whether it's trying to gain more size, trying to lose weight, trying to get ready for a sports event or season, or whether it's just trying to get a bit more toned and in better shape, then The PumpHouse is the place for you.

At The PumpHouse, we offer very competitive pricing on our memberships with various ways for payment. We also offer incentives for our members. We will reward you for reaching your goals by working out at our gym. We will also have sponsored events, such as pub crawls, and strong man/woman competitions. We will also hold such events as BBQ's, a non profit event to give back to our members, and just to have fun.

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